Why women need to stop pretending success was a happy accident

Hint: It’s killing every other ambitious woman’s soul and upholding the patriarchy.

  • The key to being chosen is to accidentally fall into it.
  • Don’t want or try for success. It’s not cute.
  • Wanting & trying for success makes me less likely to become a success.
  • I will never be successful.
  • Outsource answers to those who seemingly know what they’re doing.
  • Assume that I’m wrong about everything.
  • Assume I need to be chosen to be worthy.
  • Not trust myself.
  1. Where a man is called ambitious and strategic, a woman is called pushy, desperate, greedy, manipulative, or calculated.
  2. We’ve been programmed to believe that women must be deemed worthy by men.
  3. The world tears down successful women any chance they get.
  4. We are so disconnected from ourselves, we can barely admit to ourselves what we want.
  5. All of the above
  • I carefully planned exactly how I would build that list with detailed growth projections.
  • I have 10 years of marketing experience in building growth from scratch.
  • Even with this experience, I hired people who were better at me in their specific channels to help me.
  • I had done the math and believed that anywhere from 3000–4000 subscribers was plausible.



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Jodie Hewson

I write for women who are ready for better. 11 years experience in marketing & startups. Growth mindset, a hint of woo, no fluff.