As you may have seen from my uncommon, frantic tweeting last week, I was moderating a fabulous conference on digital news at the GEN Summit in Athens. Now that I’ve had a few days to reflect on the numerous dialogues and presentations I wanted to share my top three sessions. Each includes a link to the video on YouTube so that you can enjoy from the comfort of your armchair.

So here are my top three sessions, in no particular order:

  1. Katharine Viner, Editor in Chief of the Guardian who is one of the most accomplished yet down to earth…

Speaking with Rich Jaroslovsky (Smart News), Anita Zielina (CUNY) and Bailey Rosser (Vertical Networks)

Microsoft hosted the Big Data & AI for Media conference put together by World Newsmedia Network discussing some of the work the industry has been doing to leverage data. I had the joy of moderating the conference and wanted to share my top takeaways (in order of conference, not neccessarily importance).

  • Media has a responsibility: to give the right information, without bias, to our audiences. There are large ethical issues we need to think about but the larger danger could be allowing unintentional small bias’ to manifest when AI, a self learning tool, is used.
  • Data sets must be representative…

Over the last few years there has been much talk of a ‘pivot to video’ as publishers considered it a quick way to engage an audience through social platforms whilst generating premium advertising revenue.

However, audiences are shifting to mobile, and creating video for smaller screens introduces a new set of challenges which is one of the reasons we’ve seen layoffs at Mic, Buzzfeed, Vice and others recently.

Hollywood is stepping in, with new theories for the approach to storytelling through mobile, and some serious momentum of both talent and money behind them.

Before we dive into the specifics there are a few things we should keep in mind:

1. In the US we know that cable cutting is rife, with people moving to subscription platforms such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon, plus Disney…

I’ve just come back from a trip to London to MC the Big Data & AI in Media awards and conference. I’m impressed with the incremental developments that have been made since last year. The overall theme seemed to focus on media organizations attracting and retaining core users/subscribers. Several presenters used either a sales & marketing funnel or pyramid to show loyalty pointing to the ‘tip’ of both as the core focus before monetizing other layers of the pyramid. Below it is shown at the Premium Subscriber.

Enders Analysis 2018

There are a number of ways that publishers are working towards attracting those…

At every conference there is one knock out speaker and at Innov8rs the one for me was Diana Kander, Director of Innovation Culture & Habits at Maddock Douglas, an innovation consultancy company based out of Chicago. Maybe it was during her opening remarks when she dared the audience to find a book about innovation with as much sexual chemistry as hers has did it that did the trick. Either way she bought an excellent energy to the whole room. And now I’m going to have to read her first book ‘All In Startup.

I say first book becasue she’s just…

This week I have been at Innov8rs conference in LA. I had the pleasure of hosting day 1 where eight speakers shared their insights into corporate innovation.

During the talks I realised that there were some prominent recurring themes that contribute to the success of innovation within corporations. I’ve hugely simplified some complex theories into my top takeaways, and here they are:

  1. Permission from the top is essential to giving innovators the safety and security to work without constant justifications.
  2. Innovators need to be able to experiment and that means failing more than succeeding: for every 10 ideas, there may…

The oldest, most traditional TV format — the game show — is having a comeback through live, mobile phone shows that are loved by millennials.

HQ Trivia broke the mold and is now getting up to 2.1m active viewers per show. To put this is perspective in January 2018 CNN Mon-Sun Prime time averaged at 927k total viewers / 329,000 A25–54.

Many HQ clones have been popping up. Apps with their own studios such as and Swagbucks, are already doing their own quiz shows. …

Last summer we looked at changing video strategies and now, as US audiences move away from traditional TV and spend more time on mobile devices, Californian media executives are turning to new new formats.

These changing viewing habits give the opportunity to attract new, younger audiences through new formats developed specifically for the mobile phone. Here are a few creative examples that I’ve been impressed by recently:

  • Mosaic: Created by Director Steven Soderbergh is effectively an interactive movie where the viewer can choose which perspective they see.
  • Hooked is a mobile app that plays out stories through text messages. …

I got to know Earny through a friend who told me I had to sign up to this service because I’d get cheques for doing something that I already do: shop.

Why? Most credit cards and some stores gives price protection on products for 30–90 days. Earny chases those for you. Consumers sit back and wait for the cheques to start rolling in. Credit cards with the best policies stay ‘top of wallet’. It’s a win-win….

….as long as you hand over data. One friend (a journalist no less) was slightly horrified that I gave email access to an app…

Virtual Reality has brought about new possibilities for documentary and film makers. Almost a decade ago Nonny de la Pena pioneered the use of VR for documentaries creating experiences about Hunger in LA, explosions in Syria and demonstrations at Planned Parenthood. As videogrammetry and VR toolkits have developed rapidly in the last few years mainstream film makers are now starting to use these technologies to take their filmmaking skills and connect with audiences on a whole new level.

Alejandro Inarritu’s Carne y Arena is based on true accounts of immigrants and refugees. Using VR within a multi sensory experience it…

Jodie Hopperton

Jodie is a British Media Executive based in Los Angeles. Founder of FORE:media, she specializes in innovation and commercialization for media organisations.

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