How you Know you Have Been Traveling For a Long Time.

Have you traveled or lived overseas for an extended period of time and then returned to your home country? If so, then you can probably relate to these habits.

1) Your mom/roommate/friends keeps wondering why the trash bin in the bathroom is always filled with toilet paper.

2) Your passport is filled to the point that you had to get extra pages added for all those visa runs you did.

3) When you come back from overseas you hoard food like its nobody’s business and your family/friends think that there must be a food shortage overseas since you ordered 3 main dishes and a dessert at Chili’s and downed it within 10 minutes. Yes, I do like Chili’s…don’t judge.

4) A clean shower with water pressure never felt so good and you will NEVER not appreciate a good shower.

5) You tell your friends/family about all the things you saw and experienced and they stare at you blindly and then you realize that they will never get it.

6) You realize very quickly that you do not want to work for the ‘man’ and rent, car payments, medical insurance are much cheaper overseas so you get the hell out of dodge.

So long!

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