Recently my friend and former colleague wrote this interesting article about diversity in iOS. As I would have expected, Kent’s ideas are well thought out and helpful. As a woman who has been an iOS developer since 2008, I thought I might add a few of my own suggestions to the discussion.

These are some of the ways I think we could increase the number of women in iOS:

Stop making interviews so terrifying

Yes, I know that no one likes interviews, regardless of gender. But since men in general tend to overestimate their abilities, and women tend to underestimate their abilities, interviews are even more scary for women. I know many women who stay in jobs where they are underpaid and overqualified because they are afraid to go on interviews. Why do interviews have to be so intimidating? Since I am a contractor, I go on a lot of interviews, and over the course of my career, interviews have definitely become a much more unpleasant experience. It doesn’t have to be this way. …


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