Why I Unfriended You on Facebook

Don’t let negativity slow you down. When it comes to social networks, you have the right to choose your own adventure.

A new year is here. It’s time to make some decisions about how you will live this year. In order to have the best year ever, you need to surround yourself with the best people, and that includes your online community. That’s why I made the decision to clean up my Facebook friends list and build a community I love.

There is no doubt that the online world can be a harsh place full of negativity. It can absolutely weigh a spirit down. But it can also be a lovely place of kindness, support, and beauty. I truly believe that it can! Its all about the online community you create for yourself.

Lately, I’ve become disenchanted with my Facebook experience. I noticed that I was not enjoying the time I was spending there nearly as much as I did when I first became a Facebook user. At first, I blamed my feelings toward the social media platform on my frustration in dealing with Facebook Pages for my business and blog. I had hoped to build a community from these Pages but felt continually disappointed by the lack of reach. A few months ago I made the decision to take these pages down until a time when I felt better about this experience. Great! No more frustration over that, no more feeling like a failure when it came to Pages. But, still, my experience on Facebook was less than enjoyable.

I can only liken this experience to standing in an extremely crowded room and being able to hear everyone’s thoughts, all at the same time. Imagine that all the positive thoughts in the room were in a soft voice, still present, but inaudible. Inaudible from the loud roar of so many negative thoughts, which unfortunately seemed to be in a much harsher and louder tone of voice. As I began sorting through my news feed on Facebook, I knew it was time to take action. I began the process of deleting “friends.” What I found, during this process, was that so many of these voices in my news feed, were people with whom I have never really had any interaction. Back in the beginning when we felt numbers were important with social media. They were friends of friends of friends. No one I had ever met, nor would ever meet in the future. We did not share common interests, and certainly not common attitudes toward the world. I began deleting. Not hiding their posts, or unfollowing them, but deleting. It was a bit scary at first, to delete people when we all work so hard to build a community. But, I kept reminding myself, these people were not my community. Not the community I desire. I’m sure they are good people, just not my people.

Although some people may accuse me of “living in a bubble”, I prefer to look at this another way. I am choosing to build a community of positive people with common interests to socialize with online (and hopefully offline, as well). By choosing the guidelines for my community, and surrounding myself with positive energy and happiness, my attitude is greatly improved, and the way I interact with the world is a direct benefactor of this decision.

This year, I will be building for myself a community of artistic, creative, hard-working, dedicated, curious, inspirational, fun-loving, and positive people who want to share their good with the world. It is my goal to be worthy of this community by doing the same.

Facebook (and all social media) gives us an amazing way to connect with people all over the world. Your feed can be full of beautiful inspiration every day if you demand that for yourself by curating a community you love.

Lately, when I jump on to Facebook, I find myself smiling more and frowning less, and this tells me everything I need to know. I’m heading in the right direction.


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