When the Claws Come Out

Dealing With The Purge

It has been a heinous week. I don’t even know what’s up. I’m not super knowledgable about what’s going on astrologically, and I can tell that something is up. The thing is, something is always up. We are vibrating at a higher and higher frequency as we descend further into the Aquarian Age. My insides are burning with a desire I can’t name and nothing makes sense, people around me are like faceless shadows, my feet are walking on the ground and yet not touching.

Expansion sucks sometimes. It is really, really uncomfortable. I feel myself expanding right now to the point of bursting, and no, it’s not just from the late night spoonfuls of peanut butter sprinkled with chocolate chips. When the thing you have been avoiding your entire life comes knocking at your door, you have no choice but to answer. I have answered, and the silly thing is is that I asked for all of this! I remember, distinctly, SOBBING on the kitchen floor during a house sit three years ago, so sick of the life I was leading, begging the Divine to let me be awakened so I could stop living out of fear.

This is the point of no return. I have declared myself as leader, as living on purpose, and it is literally shit or get off the pot time. I HAVE to take action. If I don’t, I will just continue to fester. There is no where else to go. I can’t go back, and I can’t stay here. All that is left to do is leap, and trust that as soon as I do, things will unfold exactly as they need to. And what needs to happen might look like failure, or it might look like success, only maybe not how I ever pictured it. The thing is is we aren’t supposed to know. We are supposed to have faith. In ourselves and in that which we came from.

If we step forward in love, we will never lose.

Time to take my own advice.