Audacity to Dream

A better world.

It doesn’t just happen.

It requires you.

It takes your vision, your passion, your drive.

It requires you.

It takes your blood, your sweat, your tears.

It requires you.

It takes your purpose, your strength, your soul.

It requires you.

Let’s not fail others by failing ourselves.

Though some of us already are.

We are burned out.

We are jaded.

We are numb.

We are out of line with ourselves.

And that hurts. All of us.

What we create here, we create out there.

As above, so below. You reap what you sow.

It’s so easy to forget.

Their better world is tied to our better world.

Let’s own that.

Let’s not be blind to our own humanity.

To our collective humanity.

The problems are big.

And they are urgent.

Lives are depending on you to live well to serve well.

Yours. Theirs.

It starts here.

With you.

Be the change.

For one. (You)

For All.

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