10 Things You Need to Do Within Your First Ten Days of College

Take it from someone who’s worked at 4 universities.

So, here’s an abridged resource: my top ten recommendations of things to do within about the first ten days of arriving in your new academic zip code.

1. Find the Food

Don’t wait; seek out food hot spots early on.

2. Talk to your RA

Additionally, if your RA knows you well, they’ll be more likely to involve you in fun residence life opportunities!

3. Join a Club

Though many student groups tend to be enthusiastically open to new members all year round, they often do their most active recruiting soon after — or even during — orientation.

4. Talk to Your Family

Rather than vaguely telling your adoring mother that you’ll “talk occasionally” or your faithful cousin that you’ll “speak soon,” work with them to establish mutually acceptable plans.

5. Get Lost

6. Indulge in Some Free Time

Even if it’s just for 20 or 30 blissful minutes, treating yourself each day to something that makes you reliably happy will go a long way in sustaining your overall happiness throughout the week.

7. Introduce Yourself to a Professor

I realize that introducing yourself to a professor can be scary… so that’s exactly why I recommend trying it out at least once within the first few days!

8. Meet with an Academic Adviser

Academic advisers do far more than reiterate course catalogs, academic procedures, and graduation requirements.

9. Chat with Your Roommate

But in addition to your attempts to make your new roomie a life-long buddy/future speech-giver at your wedding, it’s vital to have a strategic, detailed chat about your use of the shared space.

10. Sleep

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