24 Acts of Self-Care, Perfect for Concerned Americans

Wow, you’ll LOVE #1–#24!

Jodi Tandet
Oct 7, 2018 · 2 min read

November is coming.

Here are 24 AMAZING ways to treat your fine ass patriotic self to some tender loving care — ideally on November 6.

  1. Make your bed before heading out to vote
  2. Share a selfie of yourself with an ‘I voted’ sticker
  3. List three things you appreciate about having the right to vote
  4. Learn a new skill, like filling out a voting ballot or volunteering at the polls
  5. Change your screensaver to something uplifting, like your dream election results map
  6. Explore nature as you walk to your polling station
  7. Let yourself daydream about the impact of your vote
  8. Knit a sweater to keep yourself warm as you vote
  9. Start a journal, detailing how much you enjoyed voting
  10. Take three deep breathes, inhaling the scents of your polling station
  11. Scratch off something on your to-do list, liking voting or waiting on line to vote
  12. Listen to the song HOLY SHIT You’ve Got to Vote on your way to vote
  13. Log off of social media for a bit to vote
  14. Reconnect with old friends to remind them to vote
  15. Play charades with your fellow citizens as you wait in line to vote
  16. Replace negative self-talk about the state of our nation with positive thoughts about the candidates and measures on your ballot
  17. Tell someone you love them for voting
  18. Indulge in a massage, a facial or Wolf Blitzer’s live coverage of the election results after you vote
  19. Bake cookies to bring to the polls
  20. Create a vision board, depicting the candidates you voted for all getting sworn in
  21. High five some folks, like the people waiting in line to vote or the volunteers coordinating the vote
  22. Take care of your neighbors, by offering them transportation to your polling station
  23. EXERCISE!!! Your right to vote
  24. Pokémon Go… to the polls
listen to President Bartlet

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