Pioneer Park: Living without Walls

Photo Essay of Salt Lake City’s Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is home to countless people living in Poverty within Salt Lake City.

From the chronically homeless to the families in despair Pioneer Park provides a short relief from the effects of street-living. But is it enough? Can a few shade trees and dingy public bathrooms really replace a solid roof and place of refuge?

A brief history of Pioneer Park.

Pioneer Park was once a thriving center of civilization, now stands isolated. An embarrassment to the city, the crown jewel of Salt Lake City’s poor…

… and sometimes nefarious.

A community can exist even under the worst conditions.

Saturday mornings during the summer the park is cleared out and cleaned up to host the Farmers Market for the public, but on any other morning it is left alone to host the poor and the bed-less.

Too many hours idly wasted as the park is left to entertain the destitute.

To locals, Pioneer Park has become a place to ignore and avoid.

There has to be a better way to help these individuals.

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