I think it’s important to listen to and respect why people don’t report these incidents, and reach…
Stacey Tappan

Stacy, if anyone thought that I don’t respect the reasons why people don’t come forward, I sincerely apologize. My frustration is not with the individuals who do not come forward, but with our “blame the victim” society in which it is less painful to suffer the abuse and try to move on than it is to report it.

AGMA has made many efforts to communicate the policy, through AGMAzine, through the website, and through ongoing personal contact. That does not, however, mean that we are not always looking for ways to communicate more effectively. In my personal experience on this issue, it seems that the best way of communicating is from individual to individual. And by taking opportunities like this to try and make more members aware so that they can help spread the world, too.

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