Halle Botanical Garden and a Cemetery

It’s Sunday and most everything is closed here on Sundays. We saw on the Halle 365 website that the Halleschen Straßenbahnmuseum was going to be open and thought we’d go see that. Unfortunately it wasn’t. It looks like it won’t be open for the rest of my visit either. Boo.

So we headed to the Botanical Garden and spent some time wandering around there and checking out a cemetery next door.

The dracunculus vulgaris smells like rotting meat and is buzzing with flies. It is also maybe 9 feet tall. I’m holding my camera as high as I can to get this photo.
I never really thought about Germany as a place where lizards live but there are lots of them running around in the botanical gardens.
I finally saw a German squirrel. Admit it, this is the best picture I’ve ever taken.
I think this is a loofa or a “Wash Squash”
damsel fly

After we left the botanical garden we walked through a cemetery next door.

I’ve never seen a memorial quite like this.

After the cemetery we took the tram to Kröllwitz, walked home through the woods, and Brian made a nice dinner.

I probably should have just uploaded my photos to Facebook or Flickr since there are plenty more.

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