This Life — Week 2207

I’ve been looking for a way to share better. More holistic than facebook and twitter, less specific than a single topic blog post, less invasive than an email newsletter.

Sometimes I don’t write because I don’t feel like an expert on something I’m exploring. Sometimes I don’t write because I don’t feel like I have enough content for a post. Sometimes I don’t write because I want to cover something in such depth that I can’t find the time to “do it right.” So I’m trying to create a loose framework for myself to capture some of my random thoughts, experiences, and interests, link to stuff I’ve discovered — but be consistent about it.

The title is inspired by Tim Urban’s post Your Life in Weeks. I used this fancy life in weeks calculator to determine my current week. I was born on a Wednesday 2207 weeks ago… or maybe 2208? Counting is hard. I don’t want to get too hung up on the details. So I thought I’d try to post these on Wednesdays. I’m already feeling trapped by the commitment of that statement.

So this, my 2207th week of existence…


I went to my first Esperanto Group Meet Up just three weeks after I decided I wanted to learn Esperanto. This was inspired by the special episode of Freakonomics, Why Learn Esperanto?. It was partly because after spending 3 years dabbling in learning German and still feeling like I was getting nowhere, even after visiting Germany FOUR times, when they said 150 hours of Esperanto Study the same fluency as 2500 hours of German study, I figured, why not? Of course I dove in with a disturbing level of obsessiveness on the duolingo course, and after downloading the Amikumu app, was contacted by someone involved in a Rochester Esperanto Group. I did not expect Rochester to have a local Esperanto group. I did not expect to be attending one and already understanding 1/4 of what was being said just a few weeks after starting up. I also did not expect that people at the group would know and speak Klingon, or that everyone would be yelling “Darmok and Jalad at Tenagra” simultaneously. It was great fun. I remember a time when I thought I wasn’t good at learning languages, and somehow that meant I couldn’t like learning languages. But it’s like a game… and it’s a lot of fun once you get over the anxiety of feeling stupid.

Wintercroft Mask

I think I was needing a stay at home weekend. I’ve been on the go too much lately. I need my slothy time… and Halloween is coming up so I decided to finally make a papercraft mask that I mean to make last year when I bought the template. I’ve built a couple of these so far and using posterboard and a glue gun was far superior to rubber cement and old manila folders. I still have more enhancement plans — If I follow through on them AND this blogging thing maybe you’ll see them. I have zero ideas about what to do about the costume beyond the mask. I also might have made a timelapse of the process but I haven’t pulled the files off of my camera yet.

Curry Cabbage Chickpea Beef Stuff

Battle of the Food

I’m always getting frustrated and overwhelmed by trying to keep up with making food AND actually eating healthy and the way I intend to eat. I’ve got some new strategy every few weeks. This week’s strategy is going great. Here it is.

Step 1: Make large quantities of a few “one pot” meals that satisfy all the nutritional requirements you’re going for. Make them ahead of time. 
Step 2: Eat that over and over.

Surprisingly I’d rather have convenience over variety and the minimization of the preparation and decision making is saving me time and willpower.

Cat Distress

I came home from work on Tuesday to find that my cat had a 5 inch piece of cotton string hanging out of his butt. And I guess it would have just been funny, except that a few internet searches revealed that cats eating string can be super bad and sometimes fatal and potentially expensive. The fact that it was coming out already meant that we had probably dodged a bullet but I had so much worry and stress about what to do. The emergency vet would be insanely expensive and he’d probably be fine but my vet was closed for the night… and lots of circular anxious thinking. And just as I was sending a message to my boss that I might be late due to vet visits, he resolved the problem all on his own. I have hidden all the string in the house and stopped by to ask questions at the vet. They said he should be fine but now that he’s a known eater of non-food items, if he starts throwing up or stops eating at any point we should probably take him in.

Game Idea

I thought I had a brilliant game idea of using dry erase cards to play exquisite corpse (the sentence construction version), and using it to learn foreign languages. Brian and I talked about it a lot but we had trouble coming up with a competitive element for Exquisite Corpse or a sentence building game, which ends up being a grammar game. Grammar rules are complicated. Maybe I’ll think of a way…


I got super inspired one day by this episode of the Outside Podcast on Mental Mastery. It was about mentally training for athletic greatness. It was pretty interesting and I think I could benefit from trying some of the tactics they talked about outside of sports.

I listened to the 3 part Series on Jonestown that Casefile did. It’s very disturbing stuff and I knew far less about it all than I thought. I find cults interesting and super scary. I feel like there’s a lot of culty thinking floating about lately.