Gov. McAuliffe defended the policing of the incident, commenting that the supremacist militiamen were better armed than police. Local officials, police chiefs, judges adjudicating public assembly permits, and march organizers all have an obligation to use their leverage to ensure that the First Amendment is used to protect speech only, rather than providing cover for invitations to violence.
The Problem With Making Hate Speech Illegal
Foreign Policy

Perhaps after sending these officers in Charlottesville “under the line of fire” (and even with the understanding that some of the officers are sympathetic if not complicit with the ideology of white supremacy), when these people are injured or killed performing their duties, the nation will acknowledge these groups as the terrorists that they are. Where is the outrage we saw after Oklahoma City and Waco, TX? This is due to election to Presidency of a tool of the John Birch Society (whose members not only adhere to racist ideologies but are using the chaos to topple the American Government). These events are all going as planned by the dark money behind the “Birchers” whose prior failed attempts were made since John G. Schmitz ran for presidency.

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