October Writing Prompt
Bonni Rambatan

When I got home that night, I noticed the smiling jack-o-lantern in my front yard was crushed. It’s once snarling face now had an odd, lopsided grin. I thought I’d feel some emotion, but oddly enough I felt nothing. It had been two years since she left me, two long years. This was my first attempt at celebrating any sort of holiday.

I went inside, and put away the candy I had bought to give out. I was actually going to turn on the light this year, and greet the little ones. But now, sitting on the porch with a beer in my hand, all I could see was the destruction of my happiness. And to make it worse, the little bastard was grinning at me, almost winking.

How is it that a busted up pumpkin had become a metaphor of my life? That odd little stray pumpkin that had grown through the back fence. Nothing ever seemed to grow in my yard, except weeds. Nothing ever really seemed to grow around me at all. But, there in a small gap in the fence came a pumpkin. My neighbor could grow anything, so it seemed odd that the little fellow chose to reside on my side of the fence.

That’s how it started, my awakening. I’d look out and see that bright orange orb, each day growing larger. It was a bright spot in an otherwise drab existence. So, I watered it, gave it some shade on the warm days, and even found myself talking to it. I readily carved it up, a snarling ghoul with jagged fangs and a wicked scowl. It was to be a new beginning, I could feel again, and it was good.

But now, my creation that I had nurtured and grown is a twisted mess. I, am a twisted mess. I tried, I really did. But like the mangled jack-o-lantern, my candle burns no more. It’s been two years since you left, but I’ll see you soon…