Let me break down exactly how we’ve screwed over creative people.
J. Westenberg

Yeah, Molly Ivins once asked me if I didn’t think a writer should be paid for content & I responded “Yes, they should”. That was pre 2007. In ten years things have degraded even further. Luckily I am retired from career and so those “entitlements” I paid into for 30+ years are finally coming back to me in a way that pays the bills while I paint (and don’t sell much art). I used to call myself a writer too. I wrote because I felt I had something to say; I wrote because I could not help myself — words came out of my head through my fingers. And everyone wants it for free….. all of it. The visual art, the literary art, the music and movies. The internet touted as a wonderful new venue for the arts has actually broken the arts as a career choice. So, sorry young people — but the truth is that for most of us, regardless of WHEN we came of age, someone was there to remind us that “The Arts” would not pay the bills and we’d need to find a ‘job’ to help us do that.

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