Jody’s Law # 7

The Law Of Belief…

The world is abundant and is conspiring for my success!

I have been speaking in organizations for some time now about the beliefs that guide their every move. We talk a lot about strategic plans and action items and performance measures, but we don’t often talk about the beliefs that we have related to our work. It is in our beliefs that we shape our world-view. You see, what you believe about the world is what is real about the world to you. If you believe that others are out to get you, then they will be. If you believe that there is always lack and business is scarce, then it is. However, if you choose to believe that the world is abundant and that the universe is strangely accommodating and wants you to succeed, then it is.

You are who you are and where you are because you believed that it was your only option. You, like all of us, hold your own opinion in highest regard. I would argue that I have never disagreed with anything that I whole-heartedly believed. My beliefs shape my thoughts and my view of what is real and what is not real. My beliefs, whether they be empowering or limiting, are my beliefs. Just like anything else in my life, I can choose to believe what I want by re-labeling the things/events that created the belief in the first place. Your belief in abundance and your belief in the connectivity of this world helps you to tap into the language of the world. It helps you to understand that you can command anything in this life that you wish to command. You simply have to believe in it strong enough and reality forms around the belief.

Some empowering beliefs that guide me on this journey are…

  1. All the world conspires for my success.
  2. Everything in this life is a result of belief and I choose positive beliefs.
  3. My actions flow from my positive beliefs.
  4. I want the very best for everyone around me and they want the best for me.

Your world can be whatever you would like it to be. You can reshape your existence by reshaping your beliefs, which reshape your thoughts, which reshape your actions, which reshape your results. If you are not perfectly happy with where you are, ask yourself this question…

“What would I have to believe right now in order to be abundantly happy?”

I am happy because I ask myself that question daily. I am happy because I believe that all the world conspires for my success. I am happy because I choose to be!

To Your Success,

Jody N Holland

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