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Stuff That Really Worked For Me 🍀

Joe with his wellness partner, Melissa.

I’m older than two 21-year-olds yet I still get carded for alcohol, and I don’t mind a bit!

While diet, exercise and even meditation play a part, so do natural herbs and choosing the right products. …

It Started With Launching My Own Little Publication

Woman sitting in driver’s seat of race car.
Photo by Joshua Rondeau

Since first scrawling words with crayons, I never guessed I could actually make money doing this. But I needed more than crayons to get my writing career off the ground. I thought I needed a website, right?

But after starting a website and writing for my own blog, it felt…

Are You Greatest, Silent, Boomer, X, Millennial, Z or Alpha?

A photo of a World War II fighter sitting in a jeep of the left, contrasted with a photo on the right of Gen Z women on an adventure in a jeep in the mountains.
Left: Major Raymond S Whetmore, an Ace of the 359th Fighter Group in World War II, drives a jeep in 1944 (credit T.P. Smith via Char Baldridge, Wikimedia). Right: “Gen Z” women go adventuring. Could they be the next greatest? (credit Woody Kelly).

The more I see of each generation, the more similarities I find between the people in them, from facial expressions to ways of walking and talking.

Whether you know it or not, you’re in a “club” based on the year you were born.

One way we see differences is generational…

Beyond Death: The Real Purpose of These Magical Unions

A couple walking on a mystical highway with bright stars all around them.
beate bachmann

You don’t need to fear the death of a soulmate, because they’re still around, especially in the days and months following their voyage to the Other Side.

Why? Unlike a “body-mate” which come and go like the rain, soulmates share a bond on the spiritual plane. You see them again.

I Finally Understand Women… Kind Of.

Two attractive women with a spider dangling in front of them.

Just in time for Halloween! The following is based on actual encounters yet satirical.

Bedazzled and bewitched, I lay in a ditch. Dumped again, can’t even be friends... Thought I did everything right, then to my astonished sight: a woman in black silk appears, silhouetted by the moon, she nears…

Your Stats Will Never Be the Same Again

Showing some of the new stat features.
Compilation of some of the features by author.

One of the coolest things about Medium is the built-in stats feature. Without lifting a finger, Medium tracks views/reads/claps etc.

But I noticed that after publishing 50 or so stories, it became more difficult to see which article was doing well on any particular day.

That's because the main page…

A Tale of Flip Flops

Elegant woman staring seductively into the camera.
Anastasia Gepp

We all find ourselves in awkward situations at times. But if you think about it, at least they’re a break in the norm, which can be funny and even interesting.

My “awkward situation” started when I scored some flip flop Sketchers. …

Life As We Know It Depends On This

An abstract illustration of a laptop with a bot coming out of the screen.
Illustration by Mohamed Hassan.

It's getting ridiculous… I'm talking to the big-wigs (with hoodies) running the online companies that power our existence these days.

I've been doing online stuff for a while now, since people first thought it was a fad. Well, far from being a fad, it's now the fabric of life.


Let’s Take an Honest Peek Under the Hood

Man with sunglasses smiling with a woman behind him smelling a red rose.

First, I love being a man. And I love women. That said, men have become a target in recent years for being born men. Oops.

But does that bother real men? No, we’ve faced worse in our long and torrid history…

We need to celebrate our manliness, not hide from…

Putting the “Fun” in Functional Blockchain

An attractive woman surrounded by abstract background and crypto coins floating around her.
Image by JL G

You don’t even have to invest in Crypto these days to get in on the fun, with all the NTF artwork, virtual worlds and funny coin names.

But I must admit, there’s a certain charm in owning something that sounds silly but could actually gain value over time. …

Joe Moody

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