Losing weight wasn’t even my main goal

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Photo by Lona on Unsplash

I was pretty typical, eating a typical American diet. When my metabolism slowed in my later twenties, I quickly gained a spare tire. No surprise, there.

I adjusted my diet and exercised more, but it wasn’t until I learned how to breathe better that the tire finally vanished.

This was a surprise, as I started doing breathing exercises as a way to relax and meditate between work sessions. I had no idea that better breathing brought many other benefits.

You see, our breath does more than feed us oxygen, how we breathe affects our mind and body in countless ways.

I first stumbled on a guided breathing exercise while looking to add music to a playlist. …

We’re Still Finding Out More About “Shortform”

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And is it Short-Form or Shortform? Image by Geralt on Pixabay.

Medium is at it again. Now they are going after Twitter with “Shortform” posts. If you haven’t heard, a Shortform post is Medium’s equivalent of a tweet.

Medium’s founder, Ev Williams, created the platform to improve the quality of online content. Is he now trying to bring that quality to the rescue of those who’ve been through one too many tweet-storm?

Introducing Shortform.

You can spout off about a hot topic, highlight another post or get people engaged in your profile stream. These are just a few ideas.

So Far, Here’s What I’ve Learned About “Shortform” Posts:

  • They contain around 125 words or less
  • They start with a sentence in bold (instead of a…

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Image courtesy Pixabay.

How Much Money Does a Shortform Post Make?

Word on the street is that Medium is challenging Twitter by encouraging shorter posts, known as “Shortform posts.”

Does that mean they’ll get higher priority and therefore make more than a typical post? Or does a shorter post with less read-time mean they’ll make less? I'll be monitoring this (my first) Shortform post to find out…

To make this a bit more juicy, here’s a wild speculation:

If medium is encouraging Shortform posts to compete with Twitter, will they eventually encourage more original photos to compete with Instagram? And more original videos to compete with YouTube? Is this just Medium fixing the Internet, or the beginning of world domination?

Current earnings (12/2/20): $0.00 — don’t laugh (yet), it’s new…

Learn How to Do a Shortform Post…

And I still struggle with it every time I write.

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The following advice came from a veteran newspaper reporter and publisher named Jack Powers. His name pretty much said it all, old school, tough, and straight to the point.

In his gruff and throaty voice, he taught how to write straight news with no fillers or preservatives. The cracks around his eyes spoke volumes about witnessing decades of madness and mayhem and then writing about it.

I admired the guy, realizing I was looking at the type of hard-boiled reporter I’m not sure they make anymore. …

Here’s a few ways to find out…

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Why are you here? (Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash)

A key to our soul mission relates to our birth: when, where and to whom all matter.

My birth was a bit odd, as my American parents were overseas in Taiwan while my Dad finished his schooling. So, I was officially “Made in Taiwan.”

Among all the newborns kicking their feet in the hospital’s baby room, I was easily spotted among my Taiwanese birth-mates.

But even though I soon left Asia, Asia never really left me. Eastern insights always drew me in, finding ways to balance body, mind, and soul.

Three is the Magic Number

We are made up of body, mind and soul. Ideally, they’re in balance, supporting each other. …

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Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

Only a few months into my Medium experience, it’s already become more than a publishing platform, it’s my favorite writing tool.

First off, Medium makes headlines and paragraphs so attractive, I want to take them out somewhere intimate and listen to every word they say.

But it doesn’t stop there… So, I decided to sit down and review the surprising uses I’ve found for Medium.

Long ago, Writers Only Needed a Pen and Papyrus Paper

Don’t laugh. They could write down their thoughts from anywhere. But then came the typewriter with its keyboard, and later the computer, both of which lacked the mobility of a pen and paper.

But now, with the Medium phone app, you can revisit a draft from anywhere. This alone helped create a new writing…

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Yes, Virginia, new blogs can make cash. Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

There’s often a hard way to do something, and an easy way...

Blogging is no different. Many new bloggers put their nose to the grindstone working hard to build traffic and followers before they try to make their first dime.

The problem is doing that can take so long that the blogger might give up their dream of earning extra cash from doing what they love.

Luckily, this is avoidable.

Conventional wisdom says a blog needs a “tribe” or high-ranking posts saturating Google to earn income. So, many bloggers focus all their energy on those goals, diligently writing posts, networking on social media, all the while hoping someday the stars align and their blog starts making money. …

And no one will even know you’re doing it…

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Photo by Genessa Panainte on Unsplash

Some of the best actors say they still get nervous before a performance.

We all get that “Butterflies in the stomach" feeling. But what if there was an easy, free way to get those butterflies to fly in formation?

The key is to notice how your body reacts when your nervous, and then counteract it.

When we get “up tight” in a situation, what happens? Our muscles tense, we might feel a bit of sweat, our hearts race and our breath becomes shallow and rapid.

The key to reversing this reaction is by controlling our breath. Our body watches our breathing like a band watches their conductor. …

A closer look at what makes us laugh.

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Is laughter the best medicine? Photo by Jamie Brown on Unsplash

To learn about the power of laughter, I went on a quest for the “best jokes” out there.

I already had glimpses of how laughter benefits us. Sometimes, when something outrageously bad happens, the only thing left to do is laugh. “If I didn’t laugh, I’d have to cry…”

Sure, we can react with anger or frustration, but that usually just makes matters worse. Laughter shines a bright light on a negative incident, helping us both accept it while downplaying it.

At its best, humor is the positive transformation of misfortune.

“Can’t we all just laugh about…

Kara Goldin, CEO of Hint. Image from a YouTube, enhanced by the author.
Kara Goldin, CEO of Hint. Image from a YouTube, enhanced by the author.
Kara Goldin, CEO of Hint. Image enhanced from a YouTube video.

One woman launched a beverage empire from her kitchen that soon filled the break rooms of companies like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

What was her secret?

In a word: branding.

1. A Good Brand Begins by Solving a Problem.

Kara Goldin wanted to improve her health by getting off diet drinks filled with artificial sweeteners. But when she went to the store, she couldn't find anything that fit the bill.

She identified a problem: a lack of healthy but tasty choices in the beverage industry. On one side, there was plain but healthy water. On the other side was a host of drinks filled with sugar or artificial sweeteners.

So, one day in her kitchen, she began flavoring her water with pieces of fruit. …


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