How Your Imagination Can Help You Live Longer

Joe Moody
2 min readOct 5, 2020
Photo courtesy Pixabay.

Sitting in a park pagoda, I read a quote from the Yogi tea bag.“Happiness is a choice.” Hmm, I say at first, I guess that’s true.

I stand and continue my morning walk, as the reality of the quote struck me like the sudden rain drops falling.

My thoughts turn to the water on my face. I didn't see any rain in the forecast… Is this is a sign that I’m on the wrong path in life?

Whoa, mind, slow down…

I circle back to the quote. Hey, I thought. This is a perfect chance to try the quote. I must choose happiness.

Choosing happiness involves a change in perception. It happens when we employ one of the greatest human tools of them all: imagination.

Let’s flip the scene here:

Rain, part of the great cycle of life, falls gently upon the life in a park. I’m now experiencing that cycle viscerally … on my face, my hands, my thoughts. I look at the trees, nourished by the rain. I feel gratitude emanating from their leaves which give me oxygen to breathe.

Okay, this works.

Instead of rain releasing stressful hormones like cortisol, I’m bathed in life-extending endorphins. Taking the reigns of my imagination, I ride into a comedy instead of a tragedy.



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