If we let it, love is an unlimited resource. There is no limit to the love we have for our spouses and significant others. Nor is there a limit to the love we have for our children. We even love our friends and coworkers and demonstrate that love through small acts of kindness. It might be mentoring or congratulating a job well done. It might be condolences given to a grieving friend. I even see love of strangers in the subway when locals go out of their way to give directions to out of town visitors.

Where love fails is where we let it fail, either through indifference or jealousy and even downright hate.

As a society, we are failing. We are failing to show love to our children that leads them to grow up to be successful in their own right and pass that love on. We fail to love when instead of grieving the loss of a friend or live one we lash out in revenge. When love breaks down, it really crashes hard. So we get riots in our cities, murders of those who have sworn to protect us and a complete disrespect for each other.

Regardless of whose we are, black or white; Christian, Muslim, Jew or non-believer, gay or straight; we have more in common than we have differences. We really need to find it in ourselves and in society collectively to find what we have in common and learn to live and love each other from there. Give it a try.

Note from the author: I originally wrote this over a year ago. It seems the world needs love now more than ever. Happy 2018 to all.