Moving from Stuck and Broke to Unstuck and Rich Is A Journey …

I’m stuck and broke. Not exactly broke-broke-broke, yet not where I definitely want to be in my life. Now I understand there are many people in the world who have risen from deep, dark places in their lives to become extraordinary business leaders, authors and contributors to society.

My own journey continues to unfold. If you asked me what I did for my life, then I would say that I’m an author, writer, trainer and podcaster. If you asked me who I was, my answer is that I am a loving, caring, kind, compassionate, beautiful, handsome, sexy, healing man.

Getting from one point to the other has definitely been filled with potholes. In my book “Midpoint: A Sourcebook For Your Midlife Journey,” I share the experiences and thoughts that shaped my life as a 50-year-old man (I’m 51 as I write this now). Talk about experiences, both high and low, and how they filled that year up? They stretched me emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Stuck and broke can not only be about money. It can also be about life itself. Stuck reflects a lack of focused intention, lost in the nebulous phase of grayness that can easily turn into an elongated dark night of the soul. Broke can reflect a lack of, well, inspiration and willingness to take risks (like writing this on Medium … being truthful here).

Now what does unstuck and rich reflect? Unstuck can mean allowing yourself to appreciate everything … yes, everything … that happens to you. This does NOT mean that you should appreciate any form of abusive behavior that is a part of your life. Hell no. I’m talking about those “little things” like clothes to wear, a place to live, food to eat, fresh air, blue skies, wildflowers, eyes to see and ears that can hear.

Rich can mean allowing this wellspring of appreciation to grow even more within yourself. Now you might say this is a bunch of airy-fairy crap, and that’s OK. Yet the ancient adage of having an “attitude of gratitude” isn’t just pop psychology or self-help crap. It actually does affect your well-being, your mindset, and your ability to face any obstacle or challenge.

Where do you see your life today? Stuck and broke, or unstuck and rich? Let me offer three ways to move from one phase to the other:

  1. Change your thinking. Don’t dismiss this at all. Changing my thoughts and how I perceive and see the world, as well as myself, is an ongoing piece of work. Boy, am I a piece of work too! :-) Fill your mind, heart and soul with uplifting thoughts and images of life working out for you in all areas. Yes, I’m still working on this one, too … so join the party.
  2. Check your ego at the door. Your ego is not your best friend. It wants to really sabotage your life path, what you are meant to do with your life. Your path might be being a good parent, loving partner, billionaire entrepreneur, activist, author, etc. The ego can keep you from doing what your gut is leading you to do. Listen to your gut, not your head.
  3. Love is the answer. Aw, isn’t that sweet? Yes, it is. Love heals many areas of life. When I was in my Arizona condo on the last night before being evicted, I looked out my window at the full moon and truly prayed for a miracle to keep me there. I loved that condo and wanted to live there a long, long time. Yet it did not work out and I left. I’m still paying for my messes. But I did learn to love myself a hell of a lot more because of that experience.

Taking these little baby steps, one at a time, can move you from one place to another. Your bank account might not grow overnight, yet your life — should you choose to make a different choice — can begin to get better each day.

Here’s to a better life for us all.

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