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Your article misses the truth about Hillary’s intentions. She said the Supreme Court got it wrong regarding its decision on the 2nd Amendment. If elected president she will appoint a justice to the Court who will have her views regarding the 2nd Amendment, that it does not apply to the citizens but to the military. Once such a justice is appointed in time the issue of the right to bear arms will come before the Court again. This time the vote will be 5–4 that the 2nd Amendment does not apply to the citizens. Once that is done, anti-gun states, like California, will have nothing holding them back from passing legislation banning the ownership of firearms by its citizens. I live in California and many new laws have been passed making it tougher on gun owners. The only reason the Democratic controlled State government cannot pass a law banning firearm ownership is because of the current interpretation of the 2nd Amendment by the Court. Get that decision changed and California along with other anti-gun states will be passing legislation to ban firearm ownership by the citizens of the state. As you know, but may not want to state, Hillary is an absolute liar and this has been proven over and over again. She just lies! She cannot be trusted when she says she does not want to ban firearms among the citizens of America. The NRA has it right on this one.

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