A Great Teacher vs. A Great Lesson
Natalie Burns

It was only once I had gone to university that I encountered any teachers that I would count as good teachers. I’m sure this was a result of my Key stage 1, 2, 3 and 4 education taking place in rural catholic schools that had an interesting grip on the curriculum, for example, teaching evolution as just another theory.

However, putting the violins away for a second I think the main thing that I got from my teachers was learning how to exceed their low expectations of me through self reliance. For example, my English teacher said he would “eat his hat” if I got an A at A level which I did end up getting and my Art Foundation tutor said I would never get into Brighton university to do Design “as no one from here gets into Brighton” which I also did get into.

In fact for me it was my worst teachers that have forced me to seek out extra education and motivate myself to achieve what I want to achieve and in a way that’s the best lesson they could of given me.

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