Entrepreneurial Tales: From Wall Street to App

Joe Chin
Joe Chin
May 8, 2017 · 2 min read
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As per the best-selling book, traders on Wall Street often play Liar’s Poker, an exciting numbers game, for fun and profit. Today, Marty Rottmann and his firm, FabForeDev (FFD), are bringing this exciting game to the world of apps.

Marty spent 20 years building cutting-edge systems for high-profile banks such as Salomon Brothers and Deutsche Bank. “I was on the software side but worked directly with the traders” says Marty. “that was how I learned to play Liar’s Poker, sometimes late into the night.”

Proven game to million $ app

Over the last few years. Marty watched as proven games such as Pictionary, Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit were reborn in the app world as Draw Something (50 million downloads), Words with Friends (60 million downloads) and Heads Up (30 million downloads), each generating millions in revenue.

With this backdrop, he sensed an opportunity and saw the stars aligning late last year. Not only was Marty ready to become an entrepreneur, but Liar’s Poker, which remained popular among former bankers, students, and casual gamers, was ready to become a hit App.

How the traders play

Moving quickly, FFD developed and released the Beta version of SLIPS (the app version of Liar’s Poker) at the beginning of the year, garnering solid 5-star reviews. Marty used special Wall Street rules — his “insider” knowledge — to enhance the game’s thrill and excitement. Play the way the traders do, he figures, and the result may be FFD’s own multi-million dollar win.


To Readers: If you’d like to learn more about SLIPS or FFD’s upcoming seed round please ping us for an introduction or reach out directly to Marty at marty.rottmann@gmail.com.

From Marty: “SourcePad was instrumental in transforming a prototype into a full-fledged product. Through their high-quality team, Agile development and tools, Liar’s Poker SLIPS has everything we wanted in the app and more. I feel fortunate to have heard about SourcePad through a fellow developer and wholeheartedly recommend them.”

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