Who is at your table?

I met with a client today to review copy for an upcoming campaign. Before she could even speak I knew there were issues. Her concern was that when she ran the script by a few of her staff (7 men, 2 women), the guys just “didn’t get it.”

In these moments it can be difficult for me. I am a huge practitioner and coach of silo-free communication inside of businesses and Wabash and Lake exists in part to spread that mentality. So, I had to listen to our client and then help her see that while it was amazing of her to involve members of her team she had actually made 2 errors that were contributing to her unease. First, she brought the wrong people into the conversation and second, she hadn’t explained to them who the real target was. While the guys on her staff weren’t actually the target I’m willing to bet they would have better understood the ideas had she explained that we were aiming to connect with women under 30 who have a child in daycare.

There is nothing wrong with involving your staff and getting input from the core people you trust when working on your advertising. In fact, these actions are at the core our process when creating and rolling out a campaign for our clients. The more your team understands and possibly even contributes ideas the more they buy in and help deliver on the promises made in the ads. Your internal culture grows and, ultimately, so do your profits.

Front line employees to management, it is incredibly important to involve your team. Just make sure they are the right people or at least understand the goals behind your ads. Better yet, let us help you create effective ads that resonate with your potential customers and are understood and supported by your staff. Drop me a line to get started, I promise to earn a place at your table in no time.

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