Why is the team broken?

“We had a great team at one point but now they seem to be broken…”

This exact phrase was reluctantly said during a meeting with a client of ours. As much pain as it caused the Company President to say how he felt, it was even more surprising for him to hear that his situation isn’t unique.

As humans we naturally have limited attention spans and a tendency to take things in our life for granted. Items such as personal relationships, workout plans, clean eating, reading a book a month, flossing every day…all can fall by the wayside if we don’t commit to and build a process to support them. If you need to take medicine in the morning you leave it in the kitchen where you can see it every day. When trying to eat better you remove all junk food from your pantries and plan your meals in advance. If you want to work out regularly it helps to team up with a friend or get a trainer to stay committed.

Strong teams and a continued healthy Culture within an organization are no different.

Highly performing teams can easily be taken for granted because “they always do a great job.” Positive Culture can be neglected because “that’s just who we are.” These things will never change…right? The reality is that both require commitment to strong systems with regular maintenance and review or else they will fade, lose momentum, and ultimately stop working.

With our Company President above, he was absolutely correct. At one point their team had performed at a high level and the Culture within the organization was strong and positive. The commitment to strong systems, regular maintenance, and review that got them to where they were had succumb to complacency. New staff members were expected to automatically merge into the team because “that’s just who we are.” As new products and processes were added it was expected that each Department would absorb responsibilities and adapt because “they always do a great job.”

Fortunately for their team the way back to excellence was already paved. All it took was a re-commitment to the strong systems, regular maintenance, and review that had got them there before. We helped bring the teams back together with regular and open communication between all departments leading to understanding and appreciation of how each team made the others strong. Infighting and regular errors began to fade and Culture began to rise again.

I understand that it all sounds a little too simple and maybe impossible for your organization. Admittedly, it does take a lot of momentum to turn an organization around but the process itself is simple once committed to. So simple, in fact, that it can be taken for granted if you aren’t careful. If you’re ready to commit then just drop me a line. Let’s get started!