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4 reasons you think you need to leave the house for and the 4 solutions that’ll keep you on the couch

Yup, let’s face it — we’re all just looking for essential excuses to get out, get some fresh air and get away from our kids / spouses / parents, even if just for a little while! While getting some fresh air and a healthy dose of vitamin D is a necessity that can’t be achieved in any other way but, well, basically leaving your house, other necessities can be fulfilled while staying on your couch. And while you might be thinking ‘these necessities give me an excuse to leave the house’, it is better if you just #StayHome and #StaySafe.

Let’s take a quick look at the top 4 necessities and the 4 tech (and other) solutions that will help us fulfill them while keeping it safe.

Necessity #1: Groceries Shopping

The problem

No one can survive without food, but these days, when trips to the fridge became more frequent than Trump’s tweeting intervals; when the whole family is constantly(!!) eating at home; and when every afternoon with the kids looks like an episode of Nailed It, it definitely became THE number one necessity.

But a trip to your local supermarket imposes a risk to you and your family, ’cause even with social distancing in place and with that poor employee who’s constantly cleaning our trolleys (thanks mate), when you get home, you always feel like a petri dish that’s about to explode; holding the keys with your left pinkie, opening the door with you right elbow and screaming ‘don’t hug mummy’ at the kids.

The solution

The obvious option of ordering online is the best, but with no available delivery slots you can try one of these options:

- Hire a Tasker via to shop for you. Hack, you might even get your neighbours to join in and get your Tasker to shop for a bunch of you while you share the cost! Too easy!

- Can’t get a delivery from the big grocery’s stores? are offering some essential groceries on their website. No vegies and fruit but they do have liquor and that’s more of a necessity (see #4 on this list) and most alcoholic beverages are made from fruit and vegies 😉

- Hello fresh / Dinnerly / Marley spoon — home delivered meal kits are a great way to get fresh ingredients and have some fun in the kitchen while experimenting new recipes!

- As a strategic move, place your next online order in advance, like as soon as you placed your last one. It might arrive more than a week later so don’t say ‘I don’t know what I’ll need then’. It’s everything. Everything is what you’ll need in a week from now!

Necessity #2: Medicine & Pharma

The problem

OK this is a true necessity; no way to go around it, especially if you need prescribed medications. Still, it makes very little sense that those who are not feeling well get out to the one place where other “feeling unwell” people (and of course those who are currently healthy but getting ready for the day they won’t) all come together to spread and share germs.

When you think about it, this is a ridiculous thing to do, regardless of the Covid-19 situation. Why should an elderly / low immune person leave their house to get their medications? Why should a new mum take her newborn (and herself) to a place where the most frequent clients are ill? Why are us commoners keep schlepping to the pharmacy with our runny nose and sore throat instead of lying in bed watching Netflix??

Well luckily, we don’t have to anymore; we’ve got technology to save us!

The solution

MyMedKit is a super-simple solution for all your pharmacy needs, from prescriptions to Band-Aids and yes, even toilet paper — all delivered to your home!

This user-friendly App allows you to scan your prescriptions and browse for other pharmacy products, place the order, track it and get it delivered to your door straight from your nearby pharmacy and with zero contact! Too easy! Agree?

Simply download the free App from the App store or from Google Play and say bye-bye to waiting in line with fellow coughers for 15 minutes to get your antibiotics!

MyMedKit — prescriptions and healthcare products delivered to your door.

Necessity #3: Alcohol

Ok, the level of necessity for this item is arguably high as while it doesn’t support our health or immune system, it definitely supports our mental state!

Let’s rate the solutions according to the severity of you condition:

Mild: I’ve got team drink on zoom this Friday; need a few more beers — just add it to your groceries order (see necessity #1) / order from your favourite bottle-o.

Moderate: I have 3 kids, a dog and a partner who’s an essential worker and I’m down to my last bottle of wine. BoozeBud offer same day delivery (in Sydney and Melbourne) and even matches the lowest prices.

Severe: Need. A. F***ing. Drink. Now.Jimmy Brings will deliver wine, beer and spirits to your door in 30 minutes. You still here??

Necessity #4: Exercise

A necessity for some, a nightmare for others; either way it’s a great way to burn and sweat out all that weight you gained from being so efficient on necessities 1 and 3! Seriously now, exercising is a necessity when you want to boost your immune system, lift your spirit and lift your saggy a**, but how can you exercise at home?

- The DIY way: Weightlifting? use the million tuna cans / TP rolls you’ve been hoarding on. If that’s too light for you, use the kids, fun is guaranteed for all parties. Cardio? Burpees / HIIT workout / a run around the block. Just reading that made our heart pump faster than usual!

- The cheap way: there are thousands of YouTube videos of pumped guys / carved girls who offer free exercises for any kind of workouts. Not for the faint-hearted.

- The way that really works obviously requires a bit of money. Exercise / fitness Apps will not only keep you in shape but will help with adherence through ongoing prompts and notifications that’ll kindly remind you to get off the couch and get a move on it!

The Bottom Line

Next time you think you HAVE to get out of the house, think again. Most necessities can now be done or delivered to your home. So sit back, relax, order online, exercise online and skip the pharmacy run. 2020 might started off on the wrong foot; let’s make sure it gets better from here on.

#StayHome #StaySafe

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