Food Moves Branch Story: The Austin Free Food Crawl

Who doesn’t love free food? (If anyone raises their hand to this question, they have a serious problem). On April 1st, Food Moves held one of their famous Free Food Scavenger Hunts and took over the city of Austin, Texas for a day. Attendees not only got to check out the awesome sights of Austin but also got to taste a sample of it’s delicious food truck scene, and all for free.

How does the Free Food Scavenger Hunt work you ask? Easy, just download Food Moves and see where the free food icon pops up on the map and get yourself to that location as soon as your legs can carry you there before the free food runs out.

The Free Food Scavenger Hunt has been a staple in our marketing strategy because it works. By throwing this huge event, not only do we get significant media attention and thousands of downloads, but we also get new vendors to sign up for our marketplace.

With this strategy, we can launch in a new market on a shoestring budget and still garner thousands of installs and registrations. In the future, we even plan to make money by launching into a new market. (Now, that’s unheard of!)

With the assistance of sponsors and VIP tickets, in which VIPs were able to skip the lines and get other special goodies, Food Moves was able to achieve a $0.19 cost per user registration, which makes it one of the best attribution marketing plans ever created. Event marketing has been around forever, and we’ve proven that it has it’s place in the mobile industry, especially when you’re working with a localized app.

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