git commit -a

In an effort to help people generate useful gitignore files for their projects, I’ve added ten’s templates.

  1. BaserCMS -
  2. Elixir -
  3. Ensime -
  4. Gradle -
  5. Lazarus
  6. pH7CMS -
  7. SenchaTouch -!/guide/command_app
  8. Silverstripe -
  9. TarmaInstallMate -
  10. Wakanda -

Apples Stock

Why people are making fun of iOS7

When I started using Macs in 2004, I got a lot of crap. “Your mouse only has one button”, “You don’t have a real web browser”, “I can’t see your computer on the network”, “how do you do Powerpoint?”, “Macs only have 3% market share” and other awesome remarks. Needless to say, it wasn’t cool to have a Mac in 2004. The weird thing is that I still loved it; The system organization was intuitive, I didn’t have to worry about Anti-Virus taking up 30% of my system resources, and I could use Java to make some pretty handy utilities…


Seven Days From Concept To Release

One thing I like to do when I start a software project is git init. Even if I never publish the project anywhere, managing it though version control makes it much easier for me to try new features during development. One of the challenges with setting up a repository is that you have to ignore certain files created by the Operating System, IDE and programming language itself. While on a snowboarding trip at Mammoth Lakes in California, I had the idea to create a simple command line tool that would let me programmatically generate my .gitignore files.

Day 1 - Research

Sat. Feb 9, 2013

I sent an…

Joe Blau

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