Joe, I look out for your writings because you always reflect what I would say… almost perfectly…
Chris Harries

Dear Chris,

Thank you for these kind and thoughtful words.

I am surprised that you projected the left-to-right political spectrum framing onto my writings — as I would NEVER have claimed that this is a partisan issue or that the world is constructed around this false (and grossly misleading) mental construct. ;-)

My first writings about the flaw of this mental model were in 2008 in an article called Model of Left and Right Falls Flat while at the Rockridge Institute (it used to be at this URL until I closed down the website earlier this year). There simply is no such thing as the “political left” or “political right.” There is also no linear sequence moving from one pole to another in political ideology.

I say this because my critique is about capitalism itself and how it is built on a core logic of privatization of a commons, with rent seeking (or wealth extraction) by whomever becomes the owner of the now-privatized asset. This system is what enabled industrialism to flourish and for corporatism to spread rampantly in late-stage colonialism (though it is distinct and more fundamental than either of them).

We are near the end of industrialism as an economic paradigm as well. But this is more to do with so much of nature’s bounty having already been used up. Capitalism is a cancer (as I wrote about here) and is now attempting to “grow at all costs” even if it kills its host. This is not about partisanship. It is about the logic of wealth extraction, closing off and privatizing of common-pooled assets, and the financialization of everything.



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