Dear Joe, You may remember the white paper I commissioned you to write back in 2009 entitled…
Chuck Watts

Happy to clarify, Chuck. I am not asking people to refrain from voting. I took care to frame this article around the fact that voting is largely irrelevant in a rigged system.

This is to remind us that literally billions of dollars are being spent by the two major political parties to fund massive propaganda efforts — while both parties are complicit in the structural corruption I’ve called the Global Architecture of Wealth Extraction.

By all means vote! I will be voting my own conscience and participating in local politics… but I will do so knowing that the presidential race is a sham at this point in time. The evidence that the Democratic Party is thoroughly corrupt was clear in the primaries, along with corporate media complicity in blacking out Bernie Sanders’ campaign efforts. Similarly, the Republican Party is an ethical disgrace for a host of reasons we’ve talked about over the years.

It is time to rise above tribal affiliations and act with true moral integrity.

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