While I believe you are right on every point, there is an inherent flaw in your advocacy.
Jeanette Winters-Hagar

I don’t know why you are criticizing my advocacy — as I didn’t describe any of the ways I am engaged in social change efforts or activism in this article.

That aside, I agree with your assessment that those in power will not relinquish it. At the same time, the REAL power is in mass participation in economic systems. As more people make the exodus to different models of human interaction (cooperatives, social democracies, social impact companies, alternative currencies, etc), they pull their productive labor out of the cancerous system and reclaim power to co-create in their communities.

And this is merely one slice of meaningful actions that can and are being taken by millions of people today.

We don’t have to keep giving these sociopaths the power. 😉

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