It is time to drop out of school.

Last week, there was a youth strike organized all over the planet. Young people have a statement for us all: We don’t believe in going to school and pretending everything is normal anymore. We want to address the planetary crisis.

I have some brief advice for all of you. It is time to drop out.

Stop going to school. Forget about college. Don’t accept any of the stories your culture has told you about what it means to be a grown up. Most of the grownups are not acting like adults — they continue participating in the wholesale destruction of life on Earth because that is what their culture told them to do.

Don’t just go on strike for one day. Make it a lifestyle.

You might ask what you can do to change the world. Here it is in simple words. Heal landscapes. Regenerate ecosystems. Grow food without putting poisons into the ground. Protect biodiversity. Restore harmony to the Earth.

Drop IN to regeneration!

There are adults who saw all of this coming. Many thousands of us have dedicated our lives to laying the groundwork for your transition. We are weaving networks of regenerative projects. Come drop into one of them.

You shouldn’t go to school in the old system anymore. Instead find a landscape restoration project nearby. Learn permaculture. Practice regenerative farming. Be a healer of ecosystems and a steward of nature. Learn regenerative economics and build regional communities that work in harmony with the planet.

Go find a regenerative project and volunteer for a week. Take on an immersion program and stay for a month. Build a lifestyle and stay for a year. Establish a family and take root for a lifetime.

Now is the time for you to do something radical. Don’t just take a step away from schools-as-job-training-in-the-death-economy. Take a long journey for the rest of your life into learning how to be a regenerator of life.

That’s all I’ll say. You don’t need me lecturing you. You already know what to do. Just know that you are not alone and there are adults like me who are here to help. We’ve got your back. Now we need your hands and feet. Open your heart and make the move to a new relationship with nature as a human being.

Onward, fellow humans.

Joe Brewer is the executive director of the Center for Applied Cultural Evolution. Get involved by signing up for our newsletter and consider making a donation to support our work.