The Sociopaths Don’t Deserve to Inherit the Earth

Joe Brewer
Jan 16, 2015 · 7 min read

Are you wondering why humanity can’t get its act together and tackle global warming, chronic poverty, and international terrorism? We have such incredible knowledge and abilities at our disposal among the 7 billion people on the planet. So why are things continuing to get worse with each passing day?

The answer may surprise you. My hope is that the truth I am about to share will set you free. May it empower you to see the path that must be taken for us to survive and thrive together here on Earth. It is time to look beyond the smoke and mirrors and see what is really going on.

The reason we cannot come together and solve our problems is that a massive system of wealth extraction was created by an elite group of sociopaths and those who admire them. This is unacceptable. They don’t deserve our admiration. We should not be emulating them. They are acting like spoiled children with a broken conscience. And we deserve better.

If you look at the people around you, it will quickly become evident that most people are not this way. The vast majority of us are decent, hard-working people who care about our loved ones. We are social beings who crave connection with others. Our actions are guided by emotions that give us a moral conscience. We are full human beings with hearts and souls.

The architects of our global economy are not like most people. If they were, they would redirect their massive wealth and power to bring poverty to an end (more on how we do that below); invest heavily in sustainability solutions (to avoid the harms of planetary climate disruption and ecological damage); and focus on the root causes of terrorism and violence (by bringing colonial exploitation to an end and ensuring that no one is left in a state of economic desperation where rage is kindled into being).

There are just three facts you need to know if you want to see this massive wealth extraction system—and to see what needs to be done if we are to dismantle and replace it for the betterment of everyone.

Key Fact #1: A Mere 85 People Have Amassed the Same Wealth as the Poorest 3.5 Billion. [Learn more…]

Yes, you read that right — the number of people who could easily fit on a city bus control more wealth than the 3.5 billion poorest among us! That’s 3,500,000,000 people living in chronic desperation—quite a breeding ground for violence and rage. No wonder terrorism is on the rise.

This number should shock you. It certainly shocks me.

This tells us that the game has been rigged. The rules-of-play were set up decades ago to hoard money and concentrate power by the “winners” in a zero sum game. They win while everyone else loses. The global economy was designed to be this way. It is the outcome we should expect.

Want different outcomes? Change the game. Change the rules-of-play that incentivize money hoarding. Introduce new rules that invest it more wisely.

Key Fact #2: The Global Economy Is Orchestrated by 147 Companies. [Learn more…]

Corporations have become the most powerful driver of global change in the last 100 years. They compete with one another to concentrate wealth in the hands of a tiny network of financial elites who guide investments across industries.

This is how the game was rigged. The same people sat on each other’s governing boards. The same people decided CEO compensation and set corporate agendas for entire industries. The same people paid lobbyists and bought politicians to ensure that public policies served private financial interests and not the public whose mission the governments are supposed to serve.

If we understand how these people are rigging the system, we can intervene by shouting them out from the rooftops. They are making their moves on the boardroom floor. We don’t have to sit idly by while they corrupt our governments and shape economic activities to serve their will. There aren’t enough of them to stop all of us.

It is 7,000,000,000 of us against a few hundred of them. That is quite an inspiring thought!

Our collective actions — if properly coordinated as purchasing power, voting blocs, and expressions of moral outrage — are more powerful than all of them. Their power is an illusion. It is all smoke and mirrors. We can take it away by realizing the Emperor has no clothes. We needn’t fear their military forces because they are in truth our military forces. The people who serve in those armies are OUR people, not theirs. They are working-class, everyday humans who serve because they believe in something larger than themselves.

Let’s give them something they can REALLY believe in.

Key Fact #3: At least $21 Trillion is hidden in the global network of tax havens. [Learn more…]

This is why national debts have sky-rocketed. It is why students can’t afford a college education and get strapped with massive loans. Why our infrastructure is deteriorating in Western nations. Why billions of people remain trapped in poverty by a system that leaves them out of the game.

If we just had 10% of this money paid as taxes (a low rate for top earners), there would be more than 2 TRILLION DOLLARS to re-invest in society.

That would pay for scientific research, schools, hospitals, public transit, and a whole lot more. It would fund the development of new technologies for food production, energy systems, urban design, land management, nature preservation, and more!

In other words, the financing for The Great Sustainability Transition is to be found hidden in digital caves where unimaginable wealth has been looted and syphoned away by the sociopaths.

Our countries seem poor everywhere in the world because these parasites are sucking away all of our wealth. Money is stolen from the so-called “undeveloped” countries in the form of land and resource grabs, orchestrated by trade agreements written by corporate lawyers. It is stolen from “developed” countries as austerity measures that cut social programs and public expenditures through the laws created by bought politicians.

The next time you wish there was a way to pay for things our societies need, remember this fact. The money is there. It is just hidden from view in a clandestine system of financial instruments to keep you from seeing it.

We really do have enough for everyone. What’s missing is the capacity to make the greedy give back what is rightfully ours. They stole it from us. It was wealth created by the working people of this planet. The sociopaths didn’t make all that money. We did. So it is ours to direct as an inheritance of the entire human race.

We are each children of the Earth, after all. And it is our toils that produced this great bounty. So it should be us as a democratically governed body who decide how it should best be spent.

The Choice is Simple. How Shall We Live Together on Earth? Which Future Do We Prefer?

In the last 100 years, a small faction of sociopaths (and their admirers) built a global system that hoards wealth, serves financial elites, and destroys the natural world. This is not a pre-ordained outcome handed down by God. It is the logical conclusion of a wealth-extraction system created by an elite group of morally broken men. And so it is the actions of whole-hearted men (and women) who can change it.

Will we continue to walk the path they crafted? Or will we take their system apart, redesign it as a prosperity-generating, life-promoting system that serves people and planet? Will we choose a different path that reflects the best of humanity instead of the worst of us?

The important thing to keep in mind is that we have a choice. It is ours to make. In every decision from this day forward, we can choose the option that circulates wealth (rather than hoarding it), distributes the power to make decisions (rather than usurping instruments of democracy for a tiny elite), and keeps our collective wealth in play (instead of hiding it as loot in digital caves for the few at the expense of the many).

We are all in this together and time is short. I choose the path of shared prosperity. I choose the path of life. I say Fuck the sociopaths. They don’t deserve to inherit the Earth. We can do better than what they want—which is to build gated communities of opulence so they can sit out on the deck and watch the world burn.

I don’t want the world to burn. I love all of the beautiful things this planet has to offer. When I take a moment to behold the immense beauty of a sunset… or a blossoming flower… or animals engaged in play... tears well up in my eyes. Not because I am sad. But because I am filled with awe and reverence for the immaculate beauty and sacredness that is Life on Earth.

The sight fills me with joy.

And what about you? What future will you choose? Who do you feel deserves to inherit the Earth?

Either they rule us or we govern them. Now is the time for us to decide.

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    Joe Brewer

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    I am a change strategist working on behalf of humanity, and also a complexity researcher, cognitive scientist, and evangelist for the field of culture design.