Thank you for this.
Manda Scott

This is such an important question! Thank you for asking it, Manda.

Let me begin by saying that no one really has a good answer to this question yet (myself included). We need to engage in active inquiry and take on diverse perspectives to grapple out a set of solutions over time.

That said, one thing that would go a long way toward achieving this would be for the large data analysis and technology companies to actively work with cultural evolution researchers. There are various kinds of expertise in the study of cultural transmission; how social norms are formed via interpersonal and group dynamics; the role and nature of media for shaping social norms; evolution of technology and institutions; and so on.

Right now this is not a recognized area of expertise. As more come to appreciate what is already known (and potentially knowable) there will be ways to create positive change that could scarcely be imagined beforehand.

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