Push The Edges

One of the challenges of a virtual company with every single person working remotely is establishing “culture”. Without the talk around the watercooler, so much is left unsaid. I try to push out things to our Footballguys Staffers pretty regularly like this. It’s sort of a “Joe Rambles” thing. Some have a point. Some are me just literally rambling. But the goal is to help our Staffers get a sense for where we’re going and what we’re looking for. Here’s today’s.


Hey Guys,
Just a thought here I wanted to pass along.
I always want us to push edges on stuff. Yes, some / lots / most of the edge pushes will fail. That’s ok. And very often some of the lessons learned in failure are the key to future successes. You’ve heard the stories.
I want us to do the same.
Here’s an insane company I read about today called Banjo. Basically, it leverages social media posts from all over the world and allows the user to see what’s being posted at certain times in certain locations. Want to see pics from people you don’t know of the Avett Brothers concert in Asheville? — Here you go. Want to see pics posted from Jerry World on Sunday afternoon? Got it. Want to see which kids are posting a bunch in your local zip code? There it is.
Incredibly powerful. And super scary too. I half joking talk about our march towards Skynet / Google / Facebook becoming self aware and this kind of thing totally plays into it. Basically, privacy is an extremely relative term. I’m sure your favorite political villain would NEVER use this type of technology for ill.
But that’s not really my point. Easy Sigmund and Keith… Smiles. And I also look past the chest thumping from the founder dude. Whatever. My points are this:
1. That’s CRAZY wild in what the guy is doing. Amazing leverage.
2. Incredible things are within our grasp. (and everyone else’s of course). This isn’t Albert Einstein. This is a really smart hard working hustling guy.
3. Money isn’t everything. In fact, I think money hinders. This guy built something incredible with no money.
4. He “And This’d” the technology. I just made up that word 5 seconds ago but what I mean is he didn’t really do anything “new”. He leveraged something out there and turned it into something new. In fact, his product dies without Facebook / Instagram / Twitter etc. Let those guys spend tons of money and time creating a platform and then leverage that work into something cool.
Again — the Banjo product isn’t the point. The point is don’t settle for what’s already been done and don’t accept the status quo. There are lots of amazing things being created all around us. Keep your antenna up.
Thought for the day.
Love you Boys. Have a great Wednesday.
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