The Journey Ahead

For this year’s innovations class, I’ve decided to begin my journey towards filmmaking. I’ve been immensely passionate about film my whole life. I’ve seen hundreds of movies and have always dreamed of filming one myself. I always subconsiously thought that I could never achieve such a thing. When, truthfully, I just never had the drive or platform to try and actually make a film. Thankfully, I now have the innovations class here at NHS to help me in order to pursue the thing I truly love to do.

Over the course of the school year I’ll be not only learning the ins and outs of filmmaking, I’ll also be working on acutally filming various projects that are currently in the works. Within the two week increments in which we tackle our projects, I’ll be focusing on various aspects of filmmaking. For starters, I’ve been sort of getting my feet wet when it comes to how to actually use a DSLR camera. I’ve spent my time researching various aspects of DSLR cameras such as aperture, ISO, and various other compents to the cameras themselves. By the end of this semester I hope to delve deeper into areas such as lighting, editing, and audio. By the start of next semester, I hope to begin filming a music video for my friend and extremely talented rapper Jack Caroselli (aka J-Doc, look him up on youtube to hear songs that go far deeper than just beats and rhymes). After that my goal is to knock out a short film that will probably be written some time around December or January. I hope to eventually be able to share that with all that read this and beyond!

Thank you for reading this! This is all kind of new to me and it means the world to me that you’d take time out of your day to read this. If you’d like to see more then stay tuned because there will definitely be more on the way and you can also follow me on twitter @joe_hardway_