50 Excellent Mashup Halloween Costume Suggestions for 2015

Your one stop shop for topical mashup Halloween costume ideas.

Halloween was built on the idea of the mashup. From vampires (a mashup people and bats) to werewolves (people and wolves) to mummies (people and toilet paper), one cannot have a proper Halloween without a couple of good mashups. So what’s the best way to incorporate them into your Halloween? With a mashup costume, of course. Can’t think of one? Fear not! Here’s a list of 50 that you’re welcome to use.

The hottest show on television right now is Game of Thrones. Consequently, this Halloween plenty of people will be “trying on new faces” from the Seven Kingdoms, if you know what I mean. So if you can’t resist dressing like your favorite Westorosian, here are some ways you can make your costume a little more original.

This section contains spoilers for Game of Thrones and, obviously, Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Gearion Lannister

Grow your hair shaggy, your face long, and keep your cheeks scarred and flushed from a belly full of wine like Tyrion Lannister. Then, hop on your hoverboard, grab your quadcopter drone, throw an Apple Watch on one hand, a Fitbit on the other, fill your ears with Blueteeth, wear your Google Glass, pop your Ocuclus Rift on top of your Google Glass, carry every generation of iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Zune that you own, and whatever other tech gear you can get your hands on. With this costume, like Tyrion, you may end up shunned and exiled from modern society… but you’ll sit upon the Iron Throne in your mind.

Joan Harris Targaryen

Dress in a curvy, sixties get-up like Joan Harris (née Holloway) from Mad Men. Then ride into town on your pet dragon named Drogon, like Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons, star of HBO’s Game of Thrones, and Esquire’s “The Sexiest Woman Alive”. This mashup of two of the most boss ladies from the two of the most boss television dramas will be more fiery than a fiery redhead.

Daria Stark

Cut your hair short and carry a pointy sword like Arya Stark, but on top of that, throw on a green jacket and a pair of Doc Martens to help channel your inner Daria Morgendorffer. Spend the night being frustrated by your red-headed sister and doing your best to be “no one”, which shouldn't be a problem considering how much you disdain everyone on account of your vibrant misanthropy.

Reek Mill

Dress like rapper Meek Mill, except don’t shower for two months and instead of swaggering around town, whimper and cower everywhere you go like Reek. At first glance, these two fellows seem worlds apart, but keep in mind that they’ve both been recently castrated, courtesy of Ramsay Bolton and Drake, respectively.

Jon Snow White

Dress like Snow White from Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, except carry around a massive, Valyrian steel sword named Longclaw like Jon Snow. When you get to the party, just lie motionless on the floor, staring up at the ceiling, with a once-bitten apple in your hand and start mumbling “Olly” over and over again to yourself. The idea is to keep everybody speculating about whether you’re actually dead or if you’re just in some strange sort of slumber that requires a little bit of magic to wake you up.

Brienne of Garth

Wear a suit of armor like Brienne of Tarth, except instead of wearing your platinum blonde hair short, wear it shoulder length and throw on some black-framed eyeglasses like Garth Algar from Wayne’s World. Carry around drum sticks made of Valyrian steel and you’ll be a veritable Baberaham Lincoln.

Samwell Marley

Dress up like Samwell Tarly, but also wear one of those Rastafarian dreadlock wigs that are so popular during Halloween. Then, instead of being a sensitive, caring, emotionally intelligent person who spends a great deal of time studying the Old Gods and the New, just prattle on about Jah and Zion in an offensive, Jamaican accent.

Ramsay Bolt-Ons

Dress like awful-human-demon-monster Ramsay Bolton, but stuff a couple inflated balloons up your shirt. Seven hells! we all know the Boltons are no strangers to body modification!

Melisandre Dee

Dress like Sandra Dee from Grease, but instead of looking like a Pink Lady, you should look like The Red Woman, Melisandre, by dying your hair dark red and wearing it down past your shoulders. This mashup costume may be lousy with a lot of things, but virginity is surely not one of them.

Fifty Shades of Frey

Dress up like the plotting, scheming, two-timing, 15-year old wife-having, sociopath known as Walder Frey. But Make sure your clothes say “leather daddy” more than they do “cradle robber”. Then just pop a ball gag in your mouth — you word is good for nothing, after all — and be your freaky deaky self all night long. Just don’t forget a safe word.

Despite the fact that it is only 2015, the 2016 race for President is well underway. Since there is seemingly no escaping this election’s candidates, there will be no escaping Halloween costumes of this election’s candidates. If you’ve decided to get political this Halloween, here are some topical, clever, challenging, satirical, biting, razor-sharp, and downright Borowitzian! political mashup costume suggestions to help you stand out from the field.

Donald Gump

Dress up like cherished hero of American cinema, Forrest Gump wearing a wispy, orange-ish, grey-ish, white-ish wig à la Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Sit your wounded buttocks on a bench in your town or city, but instead of politely sharing an inspirational and heartwarming story with the people you meet, just make everybody upset.

Distillery Clinton

Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, made huge news by establishing her campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, NY: a city that is, debatably, one of the top four hippest, coolest, and trendiest boroughs in New York; and, undebatably, a certified hot bed for alcohol distilleries. For this costume, dress up like Hillz, but roll around a 53-gallon charred white oak barrel of aged whiskey wherever you go. To make the perfect whiskey, you need the perfect mash; to make the perfect costume, you need the perfect mashup — and this is it. Just think about all the things Hillary and a great whiskey have in common: they’re strong, stiff, a little bitter, and both are meticulously prepared over a four year period.

Weekend at Bernie Sanders’s

If Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders wins his bid for president, he would become the oldest person to be elected to the office; however, that seems unlikely to happen. Aside from physically resembling a dead man walking, the revolutionary platform he’s running on makes him — politically and figuratively — a dead man walking. So, for this costume, dress up like The Bern, except throw on a pair of mirrored sunglasses and have two of your smarmiest buddies carry your “dead” body around all night like the modern comedy classic Weekend At Bernie’s. What’s the hardest part of pretending to be Bernie Sanders? Letting somebody else pull the strings!

Jeb! Kush

Dress like Republican presidential candidate and admitted marijuana smoker, Jeb! Bush, except spend the night acting like a 21st Century Smoker: a vaper who vapes on his vape at least once per room he’s set foot in. Once you’ve embraced this pro-weed stance, you’ll be flying high on your way to the presidency. Liftoff. Cristal. Please, crackers with cheese.

Chris Christie Yamaguchi

Listen, has the whole “out-of-shape figure skater” bit been done before? Yes, but… No buts! (And no butts.) (And no salchow jokes, either!) For this costume, instead of dressing like New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential candidate, Chris Christie in a leotard, dress like former figure skater, Olympic gold medalist, and all-around American hero, Kristi Yamaguchi. Wear a conservative suit like a damn good Republican and exploit your national celebrity for your own personal gain. Also, if there’s a costume contest, bribe the judges. A mashup of a figure skater and New Jersey politician wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of scandal and corruption.

Kim Jong Davis

Like a proper supreme leader, throw on your best vestments—something that would tickle the fancy of Kim Jong-un. Then, dye your hair grey-ish, white-ish, throw your hands up in the air, and wear an expression on your face that makes it look like you’ve been canoodling with lightning bolts. For the duration of the night, invent your own rules for everything and re-purpose classic pieces of American culture for your own benefit.

Zed Cruz

Dress like Texas Senator and Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, except spend the day riding around town on a chopper with a gimp strapped on the back. How’s Zed’s campaign? Zed’s campaign’s dead, baby. Zed’s campaign’s dead.

Vladimir Gluten

For this costume, shave your head and take off your shirt like Russian President and quasi-James Bond villain, Vladimir Putin loves to do. To finish the job, staple slices of Russian rye bread all over your body, for a truly modern American enemy is not merely Russian, but also contains gluten.

Perhaps the most incendiary news story of 2015 was that of Cecil the beloved lion and Walter Palmer, the American dentist who “hunted” or “took” or “straight up cold-blood murdered” him. (There’s not an agreed upon verbiage here.) Obviously, this is a volatile subject, so if you’re looking to make reference to it for your costume, here are a couple of angles that might help you navigate this treacherous jungle.

Lion the Dentist Killer

Wear a lion costume and cover yourself in blood. Then to really sell it, wear a necklace of human teeth around your neck and stick scraps of dental scrubs in your pointy teeth.

Vin Diesel the Lion

If we know anything about Vin Diesel, it’s that he has a bald head and he’s super buff. So, start by shaving your head bald and getting super buff. If we know a third thing about Vin Diesel, it’s that he does great voice over work. But if we know a fourth thing about Vin Diesel, it’s that you don’t turn your back on family, or in this case, pride. Throw on your tightest tank top, your meanest mug, and a lion costume. This time it ain’t just about being fast, it’s about payback. Pride or die.

Cecil (Shorts) the (Detroit) Lion

In the NFL, there’s a wide receiver for the Houston Texans named Cecil Shorts. Buy a custom-made Detroit Lions jersey and put Cecil Shorts’s name on the back. Wear it and you’ll be Cecil, the Lion.

Easily the biggest news story of 2015 so far has been that of US Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner’s remarkable and highly public gender transition and identification as Caitlyn Jenner. As one of the most famous openly transgendered people in the world, she is surely pinging on the costume radars of many would-be masqueraders this Halloween. Consequently, these costumes are widely available.

But what exactly is the societal significance of wearing a costume like this at a time like this? What’s the impact of, for one night, assuming the identity of a person who has famously and publicly struggled with their identity as a person? Is it simply a harmless bit of meta contextual irreverence and social commentary, or is it exploitative, transphobic, and potentially psychologically damaging to the youth of this country who may be struggling with these same issues?

Well, the jury’s still out. Some are petitioning for the removal of these Caitlyn Jenner costumes. Not amongst these petitioners, however, is Caitlyn Jenner herself, who, when asked about the costumes, said that she’s “in on the joke,” that she doesn’t “think it’s offensive at all,” and that she thinks “it’s great.” To some, that alone is all the green light they need to go ahead with a Caitlyn costume. But does one person speak on behalf of an entire community? And if so, should one person speak on behalf of an entire community? Or are there more sides to this story?

As you can see, this is a very divisive topic of conversation in our society right now. So, if you really have your heart set on doing some sort of Caitlyn Jenner-based costume this Halloween and you’d also like to make sure the Internet doesn’t throw a shame parade in your honor, I can think of only one appropriate way to do it:

Just Be Yourself

Whoever you are. Whoever you really feel like inside. Just be true to yourself… Or, ya know, do some sort of, like, “Aunt-Man” thing.

Left Shark Tank

ABC’s hit show Shark Tank is all about the mysterious and elusive alchemy involved with supremely creative ideas and the precise execution required to help those ideas transcend abstraction and become practical realities that make the world a better place. This struggle is embodied by no one better than than Left Shark, the inadvertent star of Katy Perry’s incomparable Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show. For this mashup, wear a standard Left Shark costume and your finest tailored suit, then come up with your big, market disrupting entrepreneurial idea. I can’t help you with that—you’re the mad crazy genius that disrupted the Internet.

Right Shark

Wear a classic Left Shark costume, except act like a grown up shark who totally has his or her life together. We’re talking a shark with a car, a home, a 401k, a family, and a fulfilling and respectable job with the vertical mobility necessary to not only allow you to grow as an individual, but also make enough money to support and provide stability for those who depend on you.

The Force A-Drakens

For better or worse, the two biggest stars in our galaxy at the moment are Star Wars and Drake. For this costume, carry a lightsaber and wear a shirt that says: “If You’re Leaning Sith, It’s Too Late”. For bonus points, slap a Drake Face sticker on your BB-8 to make it a BB-Drake.

Pete’s A Rat

When Pizza Rat made his Internet debut at the end of September, it was obvious that there was going to be an infestation of Pizza Rat Halloween costumes this year, especially in New York. For a homophonic highbrow take on this lowbrow rodent, dress up like a classic New York subway rat, except wear a name tag that says “Pete” on it. In an ocean of New York Posts, you will be The New Yorker.

Pumpkin Spice Sade

Dress up like one of Starbucks’s classic Pumpkin Spice Lattes (or a #PSL® as they’re now known). Then tie your hair into a long, braided pony tail like sultry-voiced singer Sade. On the cup, write “Shah-Day”, which not only gives a nod to the charming habit Starbucks’ baristas have of spelling names incorrectly, but also clues in the few and unfortunate non-Sade fans to your costume. Mmm, dulcet de leche.

Juno Mars

Dress like Juno from the movie Juno, except style your hair in a Bruno Mars-ian pompadour. For the night, your vocabulary should consist of strictly teen speak and fifties greaser slang. Honest to Blog, daddy-o, you’re gonna have to, like, kick this old school, dig? If you’re doing it correctly, nobody should be able to comprehend a single sentence that comes out of your friggin’ gob, okay?

Action Bronzin’

Wear a long beard and dress like Brooklyn’s finest chef/rapper, Action Bronson. Then, baste yourself from head-to-toe in hypoallergenic body bronzer and coconut tanning oil until you look like a consummately cooked Thanksgiving turkey.

Rick and Forty

Dress up like Rick Sanchez from Adults Swim’s excellent animated sci-fi comedy, Rick and Morty. If you can’t find a companion to dress up as a Morty, then just get schwifty with a forty-ounce bottle of malt liquor instead. It would actually be very true to character.

Better Call Saul Blart: Mall Cop

Wear a mustache, a bad combover, a tacky suit, and slide around your local strip mall on a Segway all night. To really sell this costume, spend most of your time loitering around the Cinnabon.

The Blinx; or Robert Burps

Dress up like real estate heir, master of disguise, and (alleged) diabolical murderer, Robert Durst, who was the subject of HBO’s hit documentary miniseries, The Jinx. Once you’re in costume, spend the entire night blinking and burping. And, taking a lesson from the way Durst denies his crimes, don’t ever stop blinking and burping.

An American GIRLS Doll

Dress up as your favorite character from HBO’s GIRLS, except doll yourself up in such a way that you actually look like a doll — an American Girl doll, that is. With this mashup, you’ll be able to share with the world a girl’s story from a girl’s point of view. Maybe your tale is modern; maybe it’s historic. But either way, whether you’re offering insights into the life of an escaped slave, a young suffragette, or a narcissistic aspiring writer in her twenties, your story will probably speak to at least one generation.

Sleuth Bader Ginsburg

Dress like Supreme Court Justice and Supreme port napper, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Then, throw on one of those confusing, Sherlock Holmes-style hats and carry around a smoking pipe and a huge magnifying glass. Spend the night not only investigating your friends for party fouls, but also sentencing them for their crimes!

Sherlock Ohms and Dr. Wattson

Grab your nearest chum and dress up like the classic British detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his best friend and assistant, Dr. John Watson. Once you have your deerstalkers and inverness capes in order, fill your pockets with batteries, portable phone chargers, and lightning cables. Then, whenever anybody needs to charge their phone, just give ’em a little juice and everybody’ll think you’re electrifying!

Mayan Williams

Dress like an ancient Mayan who has recently been unfrozen and is now working as the lead anchor of NBC Nightly News, like disgraced newsman Brian Williams once did. Spend the night reporting, falsely, that the world actually did end because of one of those proposed Mayan doomsday scenarios back in 2012. (Spoilers: It didn’t.)

Pope Frances Ha

Dress like the titular Frances Ha from Noah Baumbach’s Frances Ha, but also wear a Pope hat. While you carelessly bound about your town or city and happily-go-luckily dance from hither to thither, take a moment to reach out and shake the hands of everybody whose path you cross. Meditate on life and your struggle to positively connect with the rest of human society.

L. Ron Howard

Dress up like science fiction writer and inventor of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, but instead of wearing a sea captain’s hat, pull a classic Ron Howard move and wear one of those shallow, flimsy, leather-and-buckle strapped movie production caps for HBO’s Going Clear. This costume is bound to be influential, considering the fact that perhaps no two people in history have had more sway over the Hollywood elite than this couple of Rons.

Philippe Petit Jobs

Wear a black turtle neck and jeans like American icon, Steve Jobs, but instead of carrying iPhones, iPads, and other iStuff, don’t go anywhere without your 55-pound balancing pole. If people don’t get your costume, take out your iPhone and say, “Siri, wire people staring at me like they don’t know this is a mashup of modern visionary, Steve Jobs, and famed French high-wire artist, Philippe Petit?” They’ll get it after that.

Dad Snax: Rocky Road

Dress up like Mad Max from the movie Mad Max: Fury Road, but instead of being a totally ripped loner, flaunt that you’re a flabby family man by showing off your dad bod and scarfing down a quart of rocky road ice cream.

The Fast and the Furiosa

Dress like Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road except instead of being a character with a shaved head who drives a customized, high performance vehicle during a high speed pursuit through desert terrain, be a character with a shaved head who drives a customized, high performance vehicle during a high speed pursuit through desert terrain.

Jurassic, Sad World

Dress up like a fictional, animated tabloid television “news” program like Sick, Sad World from MTV’s Daria. However, turn your focus to the weird and wild world of dinosaurs rather than humanity. “Dinosaurs doing bicep curls? How this theropod with a narrow bod is going from T. Rex to T. Flex… Tonight on Jurassic, Sad World!”

Doctor Hulu

Grab your sonic screwdriver, build a TARDIS, and dress up like your favorite version of the BBC’s Doctor Who. Then stay home watching Hulu all night.

American Kuiper

Dress like Chris Kyle, famed American sniper and subject of the film American Sniper. But instead of carrying a rifle, surround yourself with comets, asteroids, and other small celestial bodies of ice you might find careening past Neptune out in the Kuiper Belt.

Joy Aikman

Dress up like Joy from Pixar’s instant classic Inside Out. Then, throw on a Troy Aikman Cowboys jersey, thus creating a mashup costume that begs the question: What if a sequel to Inside Out detailed the inner workings of the many-times-concussed head of a retired NFL player? (Spoilers: It’s probably a lot of this.)

Two Oak Girls

Dress like the titular characters from CBS’s Two Broke Girls, except also like an oak tree.

Spruce Jenner

Dress up like Bruce Jenner, except cover yourself in pine needles.

Cait-Linden Jenner

Dress like Caitlyn Jenner, except cover yourself from head to toe in linden oak leaves.

Sarah Koen-twig

Dress like Sarah Koenig from the hit podcast, Serial, except jam a bunch of sticks and twigs into your hair. If you want to be a real creep about it, get your twigs from Leakin Park.

The Frat Jew

Dress up like a frat boy and then literally steal somebody else’s costume idea. When accused of being a thief, claim that you’ve done no such thing. When they point out that you clearly have done such thing, just reiterate that you are not the one at fault and they are simply of “a slightly older generation of, like, comedy people” who don’t understand. And if all of these words that have been falling out of your mouth are starting to sound like some sort of “blizzard of bullsh*t”—well, then keep up the good work!

Thus concludes my list mashup Halloween costume suggestions for 2015. But remember, these aren’t all the mashup costume ideas out there, they’re just the best ones. If you weren’t inspired by any of them, check out my just-as-excellent-though-less-topical mashup costume suggestions from 2014, 2013, and 2012. Or even better, come up with your own, you lazy bum! And have a Happy Halloween!