Data Science : Understanding the Art

Everyone’s a data scientist these days, right?

As arguably the most popular metaphor of the decade in the IT industry, that “data is the new oil” refers to the explosion of data across the world and the incredible demand for businesses and organisations to make intelligent use of these stockpiles of data. To do this, there has been an influx in demand for individuals who can wrangle, analyse, mine, visualize, and communicate results from these data, which is no small job.. it is these fabled data scientists who are assigned this task.

In June of this year, I committed to better my understanding of the world and role of the data scientist. I want to learn more about the practicalities of the field, to document my experience and recommend resources, courses and content which I find of value in understanding data science, and explore socially responsible use of machine learning technologies in industry. In this blog series, I will document my learning and experiences as I begin my journey in understanding the art of data science.