And what motion designers hopefully learned from it.

“A glowing red “change” neon on a wall” by Ross Findon on Unsplash

During the golden years of DVD Menu Design surrounding 2003, we saw budgets for production range anywhere from $30k per job and up. The typical proposal line items were: Planning & Bit-budgeting, Menu Design & Animation, Authoring, QC and Mastering for replication.

From the High Definition format wars we saw Blu-ray make short work of its only real competitor — HD DVD, then quickly ride the budget cuts in an industry shifting away from physical media and into streaming services. …

3D Illustration from Maxon’s Cinema 4D

The profession of Graphic Design has spent so many years in traditional media that it’s become difficult for many artists, as well as art directors, to think outside of the “desktop publishing” box. With new formats, new media and new software popping up almost daily, investing time to keep up with what’s next is not just a strategy… but a necessity.

Joe Walker

Designer | 3D Illustrator | Mograph

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