How to solve the basic problems that can happen with a HP printer

If you are having a printer, it is quite obvious that you will face some problems from time to time. But there can be a number of issues, which can be solved by you, without even contacting HP Deskjet printer support. In such cases, the problems not require any expert assistance, and the problems are caused due to mishandling, or in case proper maintenance is not done with the HP printer.

Data cable problem

The most basic problem that is faced by many people is that they cannot easily connect to the HP printer. Once you connect the printer, or after switching on the computer, the HP printer is not detected by the computer system. The possible causes may be, there is a lose communication a lose contact between the port connected to the printer or the other end of the port connected to the computer. There can also be a problem with the cable that connects the computer and the printer. Replacement of the cable or reattaching the old cables can easily solve the problem.

Power cable problem

Sometimes it might happen that the printer might not turn on, even after connecting to the computer, or after switching on the printer. The problem might lie in the AC cable, which is used to draw electricity for learning the printer. There might be a problem with the power cable, or the power cable has turned lose, if it is connected to the printer for a long period of time. Tightening the power cable or changing the power cable will solve the problem.

Nozzle problem

In case you cannot get proper prints, there are a printing, after you switch on the printer for a long period of time, there can be a problem with the printer cartridges, or the nozzle. Just clean the nose and check whether you can print out. It can from the problem, else contact the HP DJ 3636 printer tech support.

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