Joe Anthony Correia — A Dairy Professional Based In Escalon

Joe Anthony Correia is an Escalon based dairy professional who works at his family dairy business — Correias Dairy. The dairy was started by his grandfather, Jose Correia with just one cow. Before moving to Escalon, they lived in Portugal and had all their three children born there.

The dairy has maintained itself for a long time with the combined efforts of all the family members. Joe’s father, Jose, besides working at the dairy also runs a business in beef cows. Currently, he has Black Angus beef cows scattered throughout the valley. Sometimes, the family brands their cows also known to people as “brandings”. Joe’s mother, Lisa Correia works at MARVAL food stores and makes the best tri tips which are served at these brandings.

As a dairy professional, Joe Anthony Correia has in-depth understanding of his work. Even while pursuing his studies at Modesto junior college, dairy science was one of his main subjects. Later, he transferred to Utah State University. As a youngster, Joe played many sports; however his favorite were soccer and baseball.

As he grew up, he started to participate in four-wheel-drive races where he was awarded first and second place trophies. Even today, he takes out time from his busy schedule to enjoy his favorite sports. His favorite football teams are the Oregon ducks and Kansas City Chiefs. He also spends a lot of time on the sand dunes of pismo beach.