Joe Anthony Correia Has A Well-Established Dairy Business In Escalon

Joe Anthony Correia is a Stockton based entrepreneur who is running a dairy business with his family. This dairy business has been started by his grandfather Jose Correia with just one cow and later on with his determination this small business has been turned into a well-established dairy business named as Correia dairy. Joe’s grandmother always kept a side of his grandfather during the ups and downs of the business in Portugal. Eventually, the whole family moved to Escalon and the dairy has become their home where all the members unite.

As the dairy business grew, Joe Correia and his father expanded their business in beef cows. Now, they have Black Angus beef cows scattered in the valley. The Correia’s are known as the men of business and cowboys. They use their horses and border collies to herd the cattle that graze open lands.

Talking about his academic background, Joe Anthony Correia has been graduated from Escalon High School in 2002. He attended Modesto Junior College for two years and later has been transferred to Utah State University. His college studies have been focused on Dairy Science in which he made his career.

In spite of handling all the responsibilities of a family business, Joe Anthony Correia doesn’t forget to repay to society in the form of charity and helping the less fortunate people. Every year Joe’s family donates a cow for the Portuguese fiesta.