Joe Anthony Correia Is Expanding His Family Dairy Business in Stockton

Joe Anthony Correia, a Dairy Science student runs a well-established dairy business in Stockton. Since childhood, he has been watching his grandparents, parents and other family members dedicatedly working towards the growth of Correia dairy. Though, he has been into other jobs after he completed his education; he worked for Best Buy in Riverbank, Vegas and Caton shopping. He has also worked at Martin land and cattle. Later on, he joined Correia dairy and expanded it with the help of his brother and father.

At present, Joe Anthony Correia runs a well-established dairy business in Stockton along with his family. They also build a business in beef cows; they have Black Angus beef cows scattered in the valley. They also use their horses and border collies to herd the cattle that graze open lands. His family also brands their cows’ number of times in a year which is known to people as ‘brandings’. His mother works at MARVAL food stores and makes the best tri tips which are served at these brandings.

Despite handling family business, Joe Anthony Correia from Stockton doesn’t forget his social duties like helping the needy and doing charity work. Every year, his family donates a cow for the Portuguese fiesta. The main aim of Portuguese Fiesta is to protect its members and their families financially and to provide social, cultural, educational and charitable activities for its members and the community.