Joe Anthony Correia Is Working At Correia Dairy Along With His Father & Brother

Joe Anthony Correia is an Escalon based entrepreneur handling the dairy business including cattle and milk production. Established in 1978 by his grandfather- Jose Correia set up the foundation of this business in Portugal. At that time, he had only one cow but was quite determined in building a dairy business. Later on, the family has been shifted to Escalon and started the business from scratch which is now known as the ‘Correia dairy’ providing premium quality products to the people around the region.

Joe Anthony Correia says that this dairy is the home for his family as all the family members reunite here and share all their happiness and their daily lifestyle. He has a very close-knit family filled with love and affection for each other. His parents are Joe and Lisa Correia. He also has one brother named Michael Correia and two cousins Angel and Crystal Correia. His cousins have a total of five kids. Joe is quite attached to his niece and he hopes to build his family when the right time arrives. Most of Joe’s paternal family lives in Portugal. His maternal family lives in Washington and Sacramento.

At present, Joe and his brother along with his father are expanding their business in beef cows (Black Angus) scattered in the valley. They also use their horse collies and horses to herd the cattle that graze open lands. The Correia’s are known as the men of business and cowboys. His family also brands their cows a couple of times in a year which is known to people as ‘brandings’. Joe’s mother works at MARVAL food stores and makes the best trip tips which are proudly served at these brandings.

Joe Anthony Correia also has good academic background with a degree in dairy science. He has been graduated from Escalon High School in 2002. He attended Modesto Junior College for two years and later has been transferred to Utah State University. His college education about dairy science has helped him a lot in knowing the pros and cons of the dairy business and how to manage it effectively and efficiently.

Regardless of hectic schedules and handling all the duties of the dairy, he doesn’t forget to fulfill his social responsibilities. He is involved in charity as his family donates a cow for the Portuguese fiesta every year. In his free time, he likes to play football, soccer, and baseball.