Here are 10 ideas about how to engage my kids in a useful activity. My Kids are always drawn to going on technology and watching videos or playing games. While I think its great for kids to be on technology as its an extension of who we are and where they will be spending their time as they get older anyway. My goal is to brainstorm 10 other ideas that the kids can enjoy and will keep their mind engaged outside of using tech.

  1. Play a board game with the kids that stimulates their mind. Like Monopoly,Risk, Chess or as they get older Cashflow. A good strategy game will keep them engaged and social while keeping their mind sharp.
  2. Teach them how to juggle, have a contest, they love to win, just like their dad. So create a contest that who ever can learn how to juggle a two balls will win a trip to the ice cream store with me or a cash prize. The key is to practice.
  3. Come up with a song together and we all pick an instrument and play that song that we came up with. Keeps them engaged and creates the ability for them to be creative. The song can be about things we do around the house or how to have good manners or become a better person. Something educational that will allow them to think about personal growth.
  4. Create a drawing competition by creating rules and having a judge (Mother or Grandmother) be invited to the gallery that we created together. The key is to come up with 10 pieces to art in 10 weeks and then have the gallery exhibition in the house where they can invite anyone they want for the show. We will have an official party and record everything
  5. Go on a scavenger hunt on our block. Two teams go out and need to find things like beans of a certain kind of colors that equal points. The team that finds the most beans and tallies the most points wins the prize.
  6. Create a nice mural together with tiles. The key is for everyone to design their own tile, come up with a concept for what they want to represent. There should be guidelines with options. Something related to israel or the torah. And after it’s done, the tiles dry and we put them up on the wall to remind them of what they did.
  7. Dress up contest. Each person gets to spend 1 hour getting dressed up as whatever they want and they get to present a 5 minute show for the family.
  8. Create a story book. Each person gets 1 hour to come up with a good story. It can be about anything. Must be 10 pages long. Each page only needs one to two sentences. At the end the best story wins. Must have a lesson and be entertaining. If the story is really good we publish the book and give it to their whole class as a gift on their birthday.
  9. Lego Contest. We all have to build the same thing with lego. The only problem is that we get a bucket of lego and no one knows what pieces are in their bucket. Everyone has the same amount of lego in their bucket and you just need to go to your room, build your masterpiece for 20 minutes then present it to the group. The best presenter wins the prize.
  10. We create a cooking competition. Each person gets the same ingredient and they have to create something edible with their ingredients. The parents are the judges and we decide who goes to the next round. The finalist wins a special treat.

The best thing about these ten ideas is that they don’t include any technology and allows them to be creative. Most of these ideas can be done right in your home with all the things you already have.

When kids get engaged in this way they see that there is more to life and they can begin the experience of living fully.

What ideas do you have to engage kids in useful activity?

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