project 1A

Project 1A History and theory orientation :

Thomas struth photography used various techniques and strategies to show his images clear to the reviewer.He used serious of buildings technique to show the repetition in the buildings and I used this technique in my photos.He gave attention to the light ,he took all his photos early in the morning when there’s no traffic ,while I didn’t use that technique, but I focused on light.Thomas Struth focused on the quality of the image to make the photos more clear , and I did that too in my photos. He used the black and white colour in photos to focus more on the structures such as the shapes ; lines and different parts of buildings and I used this technique too.He used the landscape orientation which is the usual technique for architecture photographers and I did that too ; that this technique make the photo more clear and better looking.He used the same location on most of his photos from the middle of the road to show the size of the road, the sky and the buildings.He showed different styles of old architecture designs in his photos while I take photos for the modern style of buildings.The isometric nature of the photos showed the beauty of the architectural designs on his time.

Thomas photo’s:

Crosby Street, Soho, New York, 1978


dieselstrasse duisburg 1985


Prince Regent Street Edinburgh 1985




My photos:

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