Project 1B History and theory orientation


reference for music:

Noe Gaspar is an Argentinian film director and screenwriter who is living in France; he is the director of “Enter the Void” .It uses “A point of view” technique ,which is a first person view shot.It was used as the camera was focusing on the character as if the camera was spotted in his eyescharacter so its showing what he looking at.The same thing with my video where I used the camera to show what am looking for. A serious of image similar to parts of my video would be a big proof of the similarity between both and will help to end up getting the right observation.

Enter The Void photos:

Photos from my film:

Those photos showed how the first person shot works which I used to show the city and the building when I was in using the lifts in my video and looking to the city because lift sides are made up of glass so it’s clear to see the city and the spectacular buildings. In the other hand when I was inside the big building at the top floor this technique showed the modern way of designing offices and at the ground the interspace between buildings .

The tools used are my iPhone camera to record videos and to make the video ;add videos together and add music cute cut pro application was used.

So my short 1 minute film used mainly the first person shot with the weak framing such as the glass showed the city and buildings.Lifts as well showed the modern and industrial images of the offices and enterior design of building.


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