Does Medium have a future in India?

This happened in the morning. When I asked my friend if there is an app, that could give quality read, no click-baiting shit, no shallow write-ups, something like Netflix but that would cater to people who love to read ( not skim, or see)

He said “check medium”

(I am from India, by the way)

I couldn’t understand, what check medium?

“Check medium, the app”

And now I am here trying to understand how I missed a very innocent, refreshing application that has quality perspectives curated around the world.

Finally, People are writing…

People are reading…

Something technology tried to curb in the first place.

Does Medium has a future? In India? We might ask!

I can’t answer that, I am a newbie to Medium after all , but all I can tell you is, if we are going to surround ourselves with apps like Medium, then we are definitely living the present.

But still, just one day into medium, You think I just got carried away.

Whatever, I am betting on this Medium!