Vardah Morning

“This was your Tree. Why is it Falling on our Heads”

I am not sure of what exactly to attempt to write in this morning. Mornings have always been tough personally for me. Not a morning person and whenever I see a morning person in the morning, it takes my mood off me.

I am in Chennai, the perfect place for morning type people. As in you get to see the best sun in the morning, the sun is in full form all day, giving you the appropriate sweat and thirst right through the entire day.

It is hard to get romantic in the morning. I mean you can’t have a lazy morning. It is a sin here. People believe that if you are not getting up in the early hours, then you are going to waste your entire day. You got to be on your toes ever.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Probably the one time I revered getting up in the morning was when the Vardha cyclone hit us . The Day after, it had struck the city, with its never-before seen storm and wind, people came out of their holes, trying to assess what has happened and if there’s any possibility to resume their work.

They were not really surprised to see their homegrown trees ripped apart, grids fallen, debris everywhere but they gave in for a little shock when unsympathetic neighbors came around for petty quarrels.

“This was your tree. Why is it falling in our house”

My father is not as calm as I am. He gave them hard.

He replied “Dei, you would call 10 people. Let me show my strength, 20>10. How about that”

I said to myself “ 20 people is more than sufficient to clear the debris away”

This was all new to me. You wouldn’t see these things happening in a busy mundane Monday morning. I thoroughly enjoyed all this chaos that would otherwise been seen in traffic roads not in quiet streets.

There were dismal scenes though. People were not really as happy as I am. Frowned faces everywhere. Its like something is lost. I did help my family in getting some regular supplies. I am not completely isolated.

But the point here is We lost a lot of trees. We lost a good proportion of green cover. That is bad news, definitely.

But here’s the good news. I saw a variant of Chittu Kuruvi (sparrows) in the same morning . The last time I saw these birds was during.. I don’t remember, when I was in school or something..

The whole family was ecstatic because I remember we earlier talked about this particular species not visiting since long time.

I, for the first time felt the morning to be complete. It was a great day nevertheless.

More Good news…

The fallen trees should have been happy. They have served the purpose and died protecting its owner’s house.

The soon-to-be-trees are very happy. Because now everyone knew the real value of trees

The only loser in this whole game are the neighbors who never owned any trees.

It must have been quite a surprise when someone’s tree fell on your little car.